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Chesapeake Blue

Chesapeake Blue

  • Title: Chesapeake Blue
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780515136265
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Chesapeake Blue By Nora Roberts,

Number one New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts returns to Chesapeake Bay and her beloved Quinn family for the story of Seth Quinn, the long awaited conclusion to the breathtaking drama of Sea Swept , Rising Tides , and Inner Harbor.

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The main thing I object is, clich Am I that stupid Yes, I am I really enjoy romances, quick light fix of alpha male and alpha female, just it s hard to find an intelligent romance But it is Most of them are so badly written, that every time when I see so many 5 stars, I think about the readers and the old lady and her cats metaphor Don t you have any whatsoever criteria if you rate THIS book 5 stars Why do they have to be so transparent Quick fix doesn t necessarily need to be shallow as well I [...]

Seth s story A beautiful love story Seth has grown up and traveled the world as a famous artist But then the villain of his life sends him home There he meets a beautiful florist from an influential family.What is the usual pick up line an artist uses I want to paint you Of course this leads to love and romps in the studio I was going to say hay, but its not a western A couple of my favorite things in this part of the series was the ghostly visitor of Seth s and the little tidbit where they are [...]

It s always sad when you finish reading a book or a series, to say goodbye to characters you fell in love with, characters that become part of you while reading.Each character from the Chesapeake Bay Saga became a part of me, made me want to be part of their amazing family and it s so sad to know Chesapeake Blue was the last book.Chesapeake Blue brings us back to Seth Quinn, the last boy Ray rescued and who Cameron, Ethan and Phillip took care of after Ray died Seth s coming back from Europe, he [...]

The 4th and final book in the Chesapeake Bay Quinn Brothers series And yet another highly enjoyable book I love rereading this one simply for the story though the romance is good as well.It s been 18 years since the Quinn brothers took Seth in and gave him a home Eighteen years since he escaped the horrible life his mother led He s never forgotten how lucky he is, and how much he owes to Cam, Ethan, Phillip and their wives For the last few years, he s been traveling the world, painting and gaini [...]

Final rating 4.25 5 starsIt seems it s Nora s thing to end the books suddenly I m not fan of that and that makes gets me thrown off the rail Not really a good idea as all books need some sort of epilogue especially when most things are sorted out, even if it is just 2 pages about a week later, month later, year later.But I came to love her writing and her stories and will definitely read books by her Loved this one too, but it was a bit weaker than the previous three books in the series, but o [...]

Nothing But Nora Week, Book 2Chesapeake Blue is the last book in the Chesapeake Bay Saga It s the story of Seth Quinn, the youngest of the Quinn brothers, who has just returned home after a few years in Italy Seth is now an up and coming painter who s making waves in art circles, but his heart, as always, lies with his family in St.Christopher, on the Maryland Shore Soon after moving back, he encounters the fascinating Drusilla Whitcomb Banks, who has just opened a florist s shop in St Christoph [...]

2.5 stars Weak characters, relationship development, and plot Enjoyable teasing and conversations among family membersE SERIES The Chesapeake Bay series includes four books which tell a continuing story about a family Ray and Stella Quinn adopt three troubled boys who came from abusive homes In the first three books the boys are about 30 years old They left home, have good jobs and are single Stella died several years earlier In the beginning of the first book Ray took in another boy, 10 year ol [...]

Estoy un poco decepcionada con esta serie Para m , Aubrey y Seth terminar an juntos en mi cabeza lo hicieron Se conocen desde ni os, tienen una gran amistad, est n c modos con el otro y se aman, se aman, se aman Pero para la autora eso no le pareci chispa sufiente y le dio a Drusilla, si el nombre no es un indicio suficiente, puedo describirla como rica, elegante, distante y fr a Otra vez Un flechazo a primera vista, una chica que otra vez no quiere saber nada de tener relaciones y que por un er [...]

Definitely the best of the series, but not truly outstanding I really wish Roberts had grown past the whole Gloria DeLauter nonsense Those parts dragged this down a whole star, though not just for her appearances The problem with Gloria in this one that didn t impact the others is that she fundamentally altered Seth as a character That she still had power over him weakened him in ways that felt untrue We ve spent three books and eighteen years telling Seth that if you take on one Quinn, you face [...]

Definitely a keeper the whole series is I loved them all, this one included Chesapeake Blue is a truly fitting conclusion to the original trilogy The theme of family coming together in love and understanding is just as strong as in the first 3 books I loved seeing Cam, Ethan, Phillip and their wives again, plus meeting their kids too And Seth is one terrific guy gorgeous, talented, considerate The fact that he survived Gloria and was able to flourish with the Quinns makes him even loveable Oh h [...]

3.5 starsThis turned out to be the best of the bunch for me I was into the romance than any of the previous ones Still could ve done without Gloria DeLauter rearing her ugly head again even though it was expected, I d still been hoping Roberts would ve been done with that part of the storyline but nope view spoiler but I ll give credit for the fact that Dru basically took matters into her own hands when Seth finally told her what was goingon hide spoiler.And I liked how, when all of them sat ar [...]

overall ok ok conclusion to the story, but a bit over the top with the mother blackmailing him, etc Something was confusing me though how much time passed between the last book and this one Cam and Anna already have teenagers so are we to believe that Seth spent 15 years in Europe

Really good Draws you in from the beginning and me deep into it before I knew what I was doing Good, strong characters, emotions, fun and humor, aggravation, some touching moments, great family and a good HEA This definitely has me wanting to read the whole series Gotta love it

One of the best books I have read by Nora Roberts I felt like I was in the story as one of the characters I Recommend this book to anyone who loves Nora.

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Bizde yay nlanm bir Nora kitab bende nas l olmaz diye d nerek fuardaki sahaftan g r r g rmez kapm t m kitab yi ki de alm m Polisiye k sm olmasa da yine be endi im g zel bir hikaye oldu Quinn ailesi bir harika Tabi ki sevgili epsilon serinin ortas ndan giri ti i i in imdi bu ailenin di er erkeklerini okumam gerekecek.

Incre ble c mo escribe Nora Roberts Me apasiona Esta historia es tan bella y poderosa c mo las anteriores.

I am so happy that I was able to read Seth Quinn s story From the time I first meet him in Sea Swept 1st book in the Quinn Brothers Saga , I fell in love with the lonely, distrustful abused grandson of Ray Quinn, the amazing man, who with his now dead wife, Stella, had adopted Cam, Ethan and Phillip as broken children and with love and care enabling them to become strong and good men.Despite the emotional damage in his childhood, with the love and support from his brothers has grown into a fine [...]

I always tell people that I never reread books I m starting to realize that is a lie While I do not reread often I do like to revisit some books, especially when they are written by my favorite author and I ve read everything she has written It has been almost 10 years since I last read of the Quinn Brothers, but this has always been my favorite trilogy.Cam, Ethan, and Philip Quinn are all called home to their fathers unexpected deathbed, and find a surprise a ten year old boy named Seth who the [...]

Me ha encantado la saga Cam, Philip,Ethan y Seth son encantadores, cada uno con sus cosas y con lo suyo a su espalda me ha gustado much simo me dan ganas de ir a vivir a la bah a

Loved being back with the Brothers Quinn, seeing where all of them are now, and finally getting Seth s own story.

In Chesepeake Blue, Seth Quinn returns home from Europe After a successful career as a painter, he knows he needs to return home Ever since he was fourteen years old, there is a secret that has been haunting him and feels a need to return home and to his family After a family homecoming that lightens Seth heart and spirit After overcoming his childhood that was a hellish nightmare, he is now than ever determined to find joy in life and with his family now that he has returned home for good Then [...]

This is a really good book but to enjoy it you must read the Chesapeake Bay series in orderThe main theme of family, love and understanding is beautifully portray and I can t help wishing I m part of the Quinns too We see a lot of Anna and Cam , I love their sarcasm and humour and the unconditional love for every Quinngetting to know Anna,Cam,Ethan,Grace,Phillip and Sybill with their kids made me feel so contentedAubrey turned into such an amazing woman too I really really wish that I m a QuinnS [...]

God I just love this woman Nora Robert s cont romances are just too good to be true This was the perfect ending for an amazing series, I just couldn t have asked for Be ready to read a series with amazing characters, a lot of terrific values and some mixed feelings A touch of the paranormal world is also on it so we wont miss the pnr romance genre so much Sigh there better be books of this genre I still haven t read from this author or I will be royally pissed Thanks NR for this wonderful seri [...]

4.5 Estrellas Me encanta Seth y en lo que se ha convertido pese al horror que pas de ni os Me encanta esa pasi n que pone cuando pinta y me gusta mucho su relaci n con Dru aunque tengo que decir que me decepcion que no acabara con Aubrey, la verdad es que me ha gustado mucho como han tratado ese tema Me gusta much simo la relaci n de esta familia, y me ha dejado un muy buen sabor de boca Genial Serie.

What can you say bad about Nora Roberts Her book Chesapeake Blue is no exception She has a talent for creating characters that are so vividly real.S

Loved seeing Seth as a grown man, and revisiting the other Quinn brothers and their families Satisfying conclusion to a satisfying series.

loved this series so sad now that it s over an absolute must read for lovers of small town, family love stories.

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