King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats

King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats #(2020)

King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats

King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats

  • Title: King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats
  • Author: Dori Hillestad Butler Nancy Meyers
  • ISBN: 9781561458776
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats By Dori Hillestad Butler Nancy Meyers,

Kayla made peanut butter treats for Jillian s new puppy, Thor But now the treats are missing What does Kayla know There are three treats missing King was in the kitchen King s breath doesn t smell like peanut butter What does King know There s an intruder in the house How will they solve the mystery

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Again I am dubious about this deserving the Geisel Honor medal but there is one factor that makes it a decent choice after all It is nothing that is written It is all about the illustrations that show an African American girl as the main character and her friend is a Caucasian girl AND not one word is mentioned about this We need books that simply show kids of different backgrounds being friends with each other without any fuss being made about this because it should be normal and fine The moth [...]

I love it when I find well crafted books for those kiddos who are JUST moving from the beginning reader books to chapter books This new series is just right for those readers It is fun, full of humor, and super appealing Hooray

King solves mysteries from his point of view while his owner, Kayla, does her best to keep him fed This is my absolute favorite new easy reader series

This is a super cute mystery that s perfect for kids transitioning from easy readers to simple chapter books It features a smart girl and her dog, King, who work together to solve the mystery of the missing dog treats I know I will be recommending this to young readers at my library.

Told from the point of view of Kayla s dog, King, this easy reader whodunit searches for the thief responsible for missing homemade dog treats.Kayla, of course, suspects the innocent King, who cannot defend himself seeing as dogs and humans don t speak the same language King tries to convince Kayla that there is an intruder in their home, but again, Kayla can t understand him Children will identify with King s frustration to plead his case King is eventually vindicated, as a stray cat is discove [...]

What a cool concept King is a detective He is also a dog He can not speak But he likes to solve mysteries Kayla is his master She also is a detective, and likes to solve mysteries She can not speak to King, other then to tell him good or bad dog So, how do they do it Very clever, well done story of a girl and her dog solving a mystery I think early readers will love the pictures and the story It is fun, it is silly, it is well done.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest [...]

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this The dog s voice drew me in I enjoyed his enthusiasm and frustration It might not ring true to life I can t imagine any dog smelling a cat in its house and not tearing off after it , but a fun read with the extra bonus of an African American main character.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.Wow, this was even cuter than I thought it would be I thought it would be a picture book, but it is like a very short chapter book I do want to read the other Kayla King books now Yes, there are apparently of them I was also a bit worried, the POV of the book is the dog We see what he thinks, what he says Why was I worried Because I was thinking this would be a book that would either have an annoying MC, or that it adds a magi [...]

Title King and Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog TreatsAuthor Dori Hilstead ButlerIllustrator Nancy MeyersPublisher Myrick Marketing Media, LLC Peachtree PublishersPublished 3 1 2017Pages 48Genre Children s FictionSub Genre Animals Dog Mystery Detectives Beginner ReaderISBN 9781561458776Reviewed For NetGalley and Myrick Marketing Media, LLC Peachtree PublishersReviewer DelAnneRating 4.5 StartsKayla has made some peanut butter treats for a friends new puppy When they disappear she looks at ki [...]

King loves Kayla s homemade peanut butter dog treats, but this time the batch she is making isn t for him They are a present for her friend s new puppy Thor When Jillian arrives with Thor, they all discover that there are three missing Who took the dog treats It s a new case for King and Kayla to solve With full color illustrations and an appealing mystery, this installment in the Kayla and King beginning reader series will be a popular choice by newly proficient readers Kayla uses observation a [...]

2018 Geisel Honor BookThemes Peanut Butter cookies Missing cookies Following clues Mischievous cat Meeting new friends Dogs Cat Friends Family IntruderThis is a fun book about Kayla and King following clues to solve the mystery of the missing peanut butter cookies It turns out a cat came in and stole them This is a good book for kids who are just getting into chapter books Kayla made peanut butter treats for Jillian s new puppy Thor But now the treats are missing What does Kayla know 1 There are [...]

I m always on the lookout for fun early chapter books These books need to be fast moving with short, easy to read sentences for children just learning to read But the stories and illustrations are important as well In this first of a new series, King wants to eat the peanut butter treats that Kayla has made And when some of the treats go missing, King is blamed at first At least until Kayla goes through and lists what they know, which includes the fact that King s breath proves he didn t do it K [...]

Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralKing loves his human girl, Kayla, especially when she makes him peanut butter dog treats, his FAVORITE food He sits patiently and asks to lick the bowl nicely, but Kayla informs him that raw dough is not good for dogs The two meet Jillian, Kayla s good friend, and hew brand new puppy, Thor Thor is full of energy, but King patiently lets the puppy chew on his ears When it is time for sampling the delicious treats, some are missing, and King gets blamed Ka [...]

The author of the popular Buddy Files delivers King Kayla, another winning dog mystery series for the younger set In the Case of the Missing Dog Treats, once again the story is told from the dog s point of view King a large blond dog owned by Kayla who is black, hungrily watches her make cookies for Thor, a new little puppy belonging to her friend Jillian, who is white When the cookies go missing King is blamed for the theft This mystery is set up in a very suspenseful way, which keeps the pages [...]

This was fun, and gives the idea of a mystery really, any question you want the answer to and how to solve it get answers It is also an easy read something we will come back to again over the next year as my son starts reading by himself We went back to this after reading the entire Buddy series because we so enjoyed those so much I recommend reading these first, if you want to read them at all, though, both because the language and sentence complexity are set for younger readers and because the [...]

Jillian is bringing her puppy, Thor, over so Kayla is making special peanut butter treats for him Thor is a bit rambunctious sigh Sometimes it s hard to be the big dog King needs time away from the puppy, so he goes into the house and that is when he discovers 3 treats are missing Who would be low enough to steal a dog s peanut butter treats Is it the intruder that King smells Kayla is on the case, but so is King A fun mystery for younger readers The illustrations are very cute keep your eye on [...]

King and his human, Kayla, make dog treats for Jillian s new puppy, Thor After they set the treats out to cool, they go outside to play for a while They meet Jillian and Thor When they go back inside, they discover 3 treats missing Mystery They carefully figure out who isn t responsible for the missing treats so they can get to the real culprit Since this book is told from a dog s point of view, there is a ton of humor in it Good for an older kid storytime.

A gentle mystery in 5 chapters, told from the POV of the dog King and her human Kayla who sometimes misunderstands her The first in a series, this is for those who are just graduating out of the Early Reader section so it has at least half or of each page as pictures with lots of white space This gets extra points for having the main human character be a person of color as just a normal kid with no commentary about it.

I skimmed through this on a new book cart, along with another King Kayla book These cute mystery early chapter books are told from the perspective of King, a dog, about different mysteries he and his owner Kayla must solve It s charming and cute, perfect for a reader on the border between early readers and early chapters Best for ages 6 9.

This is a great beginning reader chapter book It is a cute story told from the perspective of the dog, King There are missing dog treats, and two dogs in the house King knows he didn t take them, but the other dog is too small to reach the treats on the counter Who could be the thief This will be a fun book to share with Kindergarten and first graders for sure

Dog stories are almost always popular This is a dog story for students who think they are ready for chapter books Told in the voice of the dog, the vocabulary is simple but not condescending Humor, appealing illustrations, and short chapters make it the beginning of a good series to enjoy with K 2nd graders.

Kayla s dog, King, will warm the hearts of new readers who are ready for short chapter books He is the narrator for the new series of mystery books called King and Kayla His curiosity and detective skills will certainly keep children age 5 7 entertained.

This book is good on a bunch of levels First it is a great early chapter book It uses reason and logic to solve mysteries I has friends, cats and dogsetty much a perfect package They are making me hungry as I too love peanut butter cookies

This was a delightful early reader mystery told from the King s Kayla s dog perspective The inner dialogue and facial expressions of King literally had me laughing out loud This will be a great series for K 3 readers

Told from King s point of view, Kayla has been making baking peanut butter dog treats for a friend who has a new puppy and now some are missing Kayla suspects that King is the culprit but he doesn t have peanut butter breath Now it s time for an investigation

This book is genuinely funny and has very likable characters A delight to read.

This is a perfectly fine early reader, with bonus points for including racial diversity Still have my curmudgeon hat on and it bugs me that the solution to the mystery is highly improbable.

Great story, sweet dog, humorous.

This time the duo must track down an intruder thief.

This is a beginning chapter book series that reminds me of Cam Jamsen or Bones The mystery is simple and is told from the perspective of the dog.

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