Perfect #(2020)



  • Title: Perfect
  • Author: Sara Shepard
  • ISBN: 9780606122696
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
Perfect By Sara Shepard,

In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four perfect looking girls aren t nearly as perfect as they seem.Aria can t resist her forbidden ex Hanna is on the verge of losing her BFF Emily is freaking out over a simple kiss And Spencer can t keep her hands off anything that belongs to her sister Lucky me I know these pretty little liars better than they know themselves But it s hIn Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four perfect looking girls aren t nearly as perfect as they seem.Aria can t resist her forbidden ex Hanna is on the verge of losing her BFF Emily is freaking out over a simple kiss And Spencer can t keep her hands off anything that belongs to her sister Lucky me I know these pretty little liars better than they know themselves But it s hard keeping all of their secrets to myself They better do as I say or else

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Hanna says I know who A is Not with 13 books to go, you don t

With this book, I ve officially completed my 2015 reading challenge Woooo This has probably been my least favourite book in the Pretty Little Liars series so far, but it was still really enjoyable These books are just so addicting haha

The adventures of our four unlikeable identikit bitches continue.First the now standard prologue, wherein the reader is addressed directly in a slanderous attempt to link their lives to those of the ridiculous idiots who populate these books Have you ever had a friend turn on you Just totally transform from someone you thought you knew into someone else I m not talking your boyfriend from nursery school who grows up and gets gawky and ugly and zitty, or even a girl in your clique who suddenly br [...]

Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison were best friends Alison was the queen bee, and she knew all of their dirty little secrets But then one day Alison vanished.Now, years later, they aren t friends any indeed, they have nothing to do with each other Until they start receiving text messages and notes from A Who knows all of their secrets Things only Alison knew.Who is A And what is A going to do with their secrets I devoured this in one morning One MORNING, people.I do not claim that this is a [...]

How can a TV show be so much better than a book I really didn t think it was possible, but the I read these books, the I m proved wrong This entire series just seems boring and juvenile and that s coming from someone who reads A LOT of young adult books While reading these books, I can t stop asking myself Why would these people actually do everything Ali said, especially the people who weren t her friends WHY Bullying happens, but I ve never seen an entire town be bullied by one person And ho [...]

Buckle up, girlies Nothing is as it seems The saga of Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer continues Aria s family is in shambles, and her mother can t bear the sight of the daughter who withheld knowledge of her father cheating Emily struggles with her sexuality and trying to get her parents to accept her Hanna is falling out with her BFF, Mona And Spencer perhaps has taken one too many things from Melissa.These books have been marvelous fun to read They are wildly entertaining, interesting, and act [...]

PerfectIt s Not Bragging,It s True.By Sara ShepardIllustrated by Jennifer Heuer330 pp New York, NYHarperCollins Publishers 8.99 ISBN 978 0 06 088735 3A new chef is making its way to the top Sara Shepard created a new suspenseful and thrilling recipe of four tablespoons of The Grudge, one tablespoon of The Clique and one pinch of The Gossip Girls brings us a novel Perfect four rich and perfect girls faces reality Ali just died and Ali s murder is still out there wandering in Rosewood Now Aria, Ha [...]

3.5 5 stars not rounding up This one was the most boring one so far But I like that the writing is getting better although I saw a few cringe worthy inconsistencies Even though most of the book was boring the ending totally made up for it It s so different from the show at this point, it s like a whole new world Have I said that these books are like crack So bad, but so addicting My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

I did like this book a little than the first 2, but still it did not surprise me because I have seen the show, and having seen the show up to the current date Season 6 I can say that I personally prefer the show, maybe it s because I saw it before I read the books Or because Caleb is in the show, Or because Toby is in it

highly recommend this series

She knew too much A

Hold on to your hats people Things are getting serious Like with the previous books in the series, PERFECT picks up the story right where FLAWLESS left off If you have been disappointed by a book series in the past that dwindled in excitement, be assured that the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS series isn t going to let you down.The story continues to follow Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily as they attempt to find out who keeps sending them threatening messages and exposing their deepest, darkest secrets to [...]

SPOILERSI m actually shook Like I didn t expect Spencer to be Ali s killer There is so much that I need to figure out Is Hannah dead Is Melissa dead Where s Aria going to live I have so many questions So far, this has been my favorite book and I m excited to read the next one

WrensReads Review So I have already read the Pretty Little Liars series including the add on ones I don t really like Shepard s writing, but they are quick reads and her show is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.I am going to do the reviews of the Pretty Little Liars books a little different I plan to ask questions as I read the series again and see when or if the question is answered I ll hide them with the spoiler code so you ll have the choice to spoil it for yourself I m doing way too much f [...]

Okay, it s official I m completely addicted to this series.How could I not be The girls are so interesting to read about In this one, Emily would have to be my favourite I wanted to punch every single person who was mean to her in the face ESPECIALLY her parents They were absolutely awful to her Rehab Ugh That s horrible I want to go on and on about her, and how angry her story made me But I loved this book I don t want to ruin it with a lecture Anyway, her story was so interesting, and so sad I [...]

I m not even sure how to rate books by Sara Shepard any This book has a lot of problems It took ages for the plot to really begin A lot of the book felt like filler We see the same scene retold at least half a dozen times, and new information is not always revealed Often, I start to wonder why the girls aren t acting a little paranoid The are not actively trying to figure out who A is, and they continually give A new blackmail material A big portion of the plot deals with repressed memories, wh [...]

This one was okay but so far the worst out of the three I ve read I still really liked it though It s funny how with the TV show my favorites are Aria and Hannah but in the books I love Emily and Spencer Now off to the next book in the series.

Sara Shepard ha seguido con su din mica y no me ha sorprendido mucho el giro argumental que se dio en el libro S que hubo cosas que no salieron en la serie, adem s de que se dieron muchas cosas de forma diferente, pero en s la serie no perdi la esencia Me ha gustado pero no me ha marcado ni cambiado la vida Creo que estaba a punto de conocer m s de A, hasta que se atraves una situaci n, literalmente No es lo que esperaba pero est bien.

Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooPERFECT starts out with a flashback to a time when Ali was still alive and part of the group Ali receives a phone call but doesn t share with Spencer, Hanna, Aria, or Emily But that s kind of how it s always been Ali was always the leader Playing the girls off each other and keeping secrets on each of them Now, Ali is supposedly dead and the girls have all gone their own way Spencer has been nominated for the Golden Orchid It s only the most prestigious essay c [...]

So, I don t even know which book this is, number wise I think I accidentally read the last two that I could stand to read in the wrong order, but regardless, I m sick of them Who is A Like seriously I thought it was Mona Then it s someone new or something Who killed Ali Was it Melissa s boyfriend Ian or whatever I think it s very annoying how there are, like 7 or 8 books in this series How can you stretch this out that far Honestly, the whole 7 8 book series could have been concentrated down int [...]

Perfect by Sara Shepard was awesome Just when I thought her Pretty Little Liars series couldn t get any better, she proved me wrong It was definitely the best book in the series so far It had all the intruige, romance, secrets yes, lots of secrets that readers have come to expect There was much suspense this time though, character development, and one amazing shocker of an ending Perfect picks up a month after Flawless left off Our four favorite little liars are living peacefully in Rosewood a [...]

When I picked up this book at my library, I expected it to be about these stuck up girls, kinda like Gossip Girl and the A List or whatever Then I started reading it and I read it within an hour, it was that good It s set up so well and you ll never be able to even GUESS what s going to happen next It s not predictable, which is one thing I really like about it It s weird that someone is stalking them I ve read all four and I myself have had my suspicions on who A could be, but I always end up w [...]

Perfect es la tercera parte de la saga Pretty Little Liars Peque as mentirosas Saga que empec a leer porque estoy enganchad sima a la serie y hab a o do que los libros eran muy diferentes, por lo que no dud en empezar a leerlos Y me doy cuenta de que cada libro es mejor que el anterior y eso me fascina.Si ya el primer libro me gust mucho, el segundo bastante m s este tercero me ha gustado incluso m s Y es que aunque los dos primeros libros son muy introductorios, en esta tercera parte la histori [...]

This book, just like the last two additions of the Pretty Little Liars series, was just as good It still flowed over from the last book, the only thing about this one that was different was that it didn t give you any information about the four girls Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah, so you would HAVE to read the second or first book to know anything about the girls So this review is based on where the book left off instead of explaining it all over again They four former friends are desperately [...]

In Perfect, the third book from the Pretty Little Liars series, the famous murder of a 7th grader from the first book gets even intense Four girls, Hannah, Ari, Spencer, and Emily have been recieving mysterious texts, emails, and notes from an unknown person who calls themself A This person is leaving them notes with secrets that only their old best friend, Alison, the girl who was killed in 7th grade, knew In Perfect, the girls are getting dangerously closer to figuring out who killed their fr [...]

Source I own a copy of this book Who killed Alison Who is A And who will get what s coming to them next I have to say that I love this series, and I loved this instalment too The storyline seems quite complex in these books, and I think a lot of what happens will have meaning the further you get into the series I loved the notes from A, and I loved the suspense in this one Every book leaves you with questions, and clues as to who A is, and they really are quite addictive This book moved along [...]

These girls are far immature in the books than they are in the shows especially for being 17 Spencer is so much anal OCD than she is in the show I like that they toned it down because it makes her personable Ezra is in jail for being with Aria Hanna just got hit by the car something still so mind boggling I knew it was coming because of what happened before but it still sort of caught me by surprise Lucas is Hanna s friend I wonder how long it will last Aria doesn t get along with either of h [...]

This book is amazing The first time i saw the book, i got amazed I knew the book was going to be awesome The book, was talking about Alison the main character who is dead, and is sending texts messages to her friend Some texts were about the secrets they told her and some were BLACK MAILS for example If you don t do this to, so and so, I ll tell the secret you told me It was just like my personal life with friend, but we don t black mail The book was really emotional, and i enjoyed it TOTALLY I [...]

Watch my full review for the first arc in this series here youtu 9XWt_8MmILY t 14m11sThere were some really cringe worthy, awkward, I knew this was going to bite you in the butt at some point moments in this book It made me cringe, it made me feel awkward, it made me feel great for being right and curious about what is going to happen next that ending I really like the mystery in this book and how it keeps me up my toes You have all the elements you need to figure out who A is and what happened [...]

Los libros son tan, tan, TAN diferentes de la serie Y tambi n much simo mejores.Esta saga me tiene completamente enganchada, Perfect ha sido una sorpresa detr s de otra y, a la vez que escribo este review, voy comenzando ya con el siguiente libro Unbelievable.

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