Larson's Book of Rock

Larson's Book of Rock #(2020)

Larson's Book of Rock

Larson's Book of Rock

  • Title: Larson's Book of Rock
  • Author: Bob Larson
  • ISBN: 9780842356879
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
Larson's Book of Rock By Bob Larson,

Larson describes the rock music scene and offers practical advice on how to deal with rock music from a Christian perspective.

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This book is fucking awesome.Written by an opinionated bigot who was deeply concerned about the moral turpitude of the then current generation, this book had an interesting impact on my life back when I read it in high school I too was horrified by the sex, drugs, satanism, violence, and false religions that were being promoted by these rock artists But part of me was fascinated as well, and in the long run, as I broke out of the confining shell of Christianity, the memory of this book became a [...]

Instead of a review, I just want to point out that Larson claims Daryl Hall s grandfather was a warlock Here s a sample The Christian teenager who nostalgically bounces to Surfin U.S.A should remember that the Beach Boys fame prepared the way for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi s introduction of TM and occult mysticism into America s mainstream His list of the rockers with the most negative moral impact on youth includes such demons from hell as The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Hall and Oates, John Cougar [...]

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