1st Official Look At “Despicable Me 3”

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The first official trailer of Despicable Me 3 is now available for us all to watch online as Gru and his minions are returning for another adventure.

The hit animation series by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, which included a spin-off movie the Minions in 2015, will return to us once again at the of June 2017 in the US with the UK still to await a confirmation date. Director Pierre Coffin who directed the first two movies will return to direct the third instalment and is bringing on Kyle Balda who took part in the directing of the Minions spinoff movie with Coffin. Steve Carrel will once again be providing the voice of our ex-supervillain now turned good guy Gru but will now be accompanied by his new wife Lucy, voiced by Kristen Wigg, who was introduced to us in Despicable Me 2.

The trailer has revealed that the movie continues from the plot of the second movie when Gru was recruited by the Anti-Villain League or AVL to help bring down super villains. Alongside his crimefighting partner and new wife Lucy they can be seen together tracking down a new supervillain. Our new super villain has some odd quirks, as is expected with all evil super villains now, as he appears to be stuck in the 80’s lifestyle with his unique dress sense and rubix cube style weapons.

The family fun movie is expected to be a huge success just like the movies before with Despicable Me 2 grossing over $970 Million Dollars worldwide, many aspects of the first two instalments did contribute to that success but none so much as Gru’s Minions. The third instalment will feature our favourite blue denim yellow friends as we did catch a brief glimpse of them at the end of trailer.

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