2016 Most Misleading Movie

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2016 was another year of movies that shocked and surprised us. Some shocked us more than others and some, of course, shocked us in a bad way. Some of these movies left us feeling disappointed and that we didn’t fully get what we were expecting. There was one film in particular however that felt nothing but misleading. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was in our opinion the most misleading movie of 2016.

At the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, it was first announced that we would be getting the Batman v Superman movie. It is safe to say that at that particular moment we were nothing but excited at this idea, some of us had been hoping for this to happen long before the announcement was even made. Alas three years later it finally arrived and we could witness the ultimate match-up in the DC universe. Sadly it was nothing short of disappointing and upon leaving we could not help but feel a bit cheated.

To be clear we don’t think it’s a terrible movie. Ben Affleck did a great job portraying Batman and the introduction to Wonder Women, played by Gal Gadot, was great along with many other good points in the movie. Our problem is that we were expecting it to be a Batman v Superman movie with the introduction of the justice league. What we actually got was a 151 minute screen time movie where the showdown of Batman v Superman that we had been promised for three years didn’t occur until after the 120th minute of the film and lasted no more than 15 minutes to which afterwards they worked things out and became best pals and alongside Wonder Women worked together to fight against Doomsday which Lex Luther had just created while they were fighting. We didn’t even get that much build up between the two. There was a brief heated discussion during a party and a moment involving a totalled Batmobile, however, the main plot of the movie up to the fight was about how the world was turning against superman.

As we said at the beginning we don’t think this is a bad movie, we just think it was a misleading movie. This movie was called “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and it was not a Batman v Superman movie. This movie really should have been called “Superman 2: Dawn of Justice” as that is what it really was. It was a movie about how the world was reacting to Superman after he was first introduced “Man of Steel” along with the other justice league members coming into the picture. If they had called it that instead then upon leaving the theatre we would not have felt so cheated.

Do you agree with us? Did you feel let down or was there some other movie that did it more? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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