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3 Persona’s All Parents Adopt When Watching Kid Movies

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When you become a parent many things happen, the main one being you’re now in charge of a little tiny human, but, when it comes to watching your kid’s movies we tend to take on one of these different personas.


#1 Depressed Individual Who Regrets Their Mistakes

If you’re a parent reading this and you are thinking, ‘nope I have never been like that’, I have just one thing to say.


I dare you. Go and buy Frozen for your kid and then come back and tell me you haven’t become slightly depressed and regretted your decision.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a wonderful movie with a great story that’s perfect for children, especially girls, but there is only so much ‘Let It Go’ one person can take.

Another popular kid’s choice if Frozen isn’t your kid’s cup of tea is The Minions. If you think they’re cute and funny you’re in for a shock.

After what will probably be the 100th time you have viewed in under 48 hours you start to hear they’re voices everywhere.

Hearing ‘Bello!’, ‘Para Tu’, ‘Hana’, ‘Bi-Do’ and ‘Bee-Do-Bee-Do-Bee-Do’ will drive anyone nuts.


#2 Professional Movie Critic

We just can’t help it. We can’t just sit and watch the movie without becoming some weird professional movie critic.

We suddenly become plot hole detectives, script analysers, acting examiners etc. Basically, we became really really sarcastic.

For example, a friend of mine once said:

“How does Buzz know that he had to freeze whenever any kids appeared if he ‘apparently’ doesn’t know that he is a toy?”

Who cares, why does it matter, why do we have to analyse and criticise every little detail of these movies?

It will have the odd issue, every movie does, but your kid really doesn’t want to listen to you express your “professional” opinion about the plot of the movie.

They just want to watch it and stick Cheerios up their nose.


#3 Irrationally Overprotective

I blame the internet for this. I believe because of our access to so much information so freely this has become the cause of overprotective irrationality.

Think about it for a moment. I remember my parents sitting me on the floor with a bowl of sugar puffs and putting Bambi in the VCR and not giving a damn of the possible traumatising harm I could have from watching Bambi’s mum being shot.

Fast forward to the present and some parents have a fit when they hear of kids watching Bambi while others will pre-watch it before hand to ensure the message of the movie is suitable.

Yes, times have changed so some movies don’t really go along with the current social ideology but kids don’t really think like that, stop panicking.


Have You Adopted Any Another Persona?

The good thing is that the torture our kids put us through by making us watch the same movie over and over and over again will probably happen to them one day.

They will also probably become like us when we criticise and pass our judgement on what they are watching.

In fact it will probably be worse. *cue evil laugh*

Did I miss anything? Which of these personas have you adopted and what has been your experience?

Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

Author: Callum Gunn

Writer and Social Media Manager at FanNews, Callum is a self-proclaimed geek/nerd who loves TV and Movies and everything that comes with it.

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