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5 Quick Fun Facts About ‘Groundhog Day’ The Movie

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The 1993 American classic is a movie that can happily be watched and rewatched many times.Full of both funny and serious moments the movie has repeatedly appeared on ‘Must Watch’ and ‘Greatest of all Time’ lists. Here are 5 Groundhog Day  The Movie Fun Facts.

1: Bill Got A Few Bites

Bill Murray and the Groundhog didn’t get along too well during the filming of the movie. Murray ended up being bitten on several occasions by the little creature. The bites were so bad that Murray ended up receiving an anti-rabies shot at the hospital.

2: How Long Was Bills Day

How many loops Bill did is unclear. Depending on your source the length or amount of times Murray ended up repeating the day is up for some serious debate. Supposedly the original plan was for it to last for approximately 10,000 years. Another source claims the loop lasted for 10 years another states 8 years 8 months and another 12,306 days. The movie depicts 38 days, however, whether that is 38 consecutive days or 38 random days over a determined time period is unclear.

3: It May Have Not Been Bill

Before Murray landed the role fellow actor Tom Hanks was the first choice, however, the late director, Harold Ramis, decided against it. Michael Keaton was also rumoured to be offered the role but he subsequently turned it down.

#GroundhogDay #GroundhogDayMovie #GroundhogDayFunFacts

4: Bills Clocks Are Stopped

The clocks that were used in the diner have all stopped. If you look closely enough you will notice the clocks in the diner have all stopped reflecting the problem that Bill has.

5: Bill Was Never In Punxatawney

Punxatawney, Pensylvania, was the location for the movie, however, filming never took place there. Instead, the movie was shot in Illinois, Woodstock. The folk of Punxatawney were not too pleased over this but the town has become a major tourist attraction since.

That’s us for our 5 Quick Fun Facts About ‘Groundhog Day’ The Movie. What did you think of our list? Are there any fun facts you think we should have mentioned? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to follow us to stay up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns.

#GroundhogDay #GroundhogDayMovie #GroundhogDayFunFacts

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