OITNB Season 5

5 Things To Expect In OITNB Season 5

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It’s almost time. Orange Is The New Black is due to return to Netflix on June 9th with what is expected to be the most intense season yet.

Following on from the intense cliffhanger to season 4, OITNB returns soon and with expectations high for what is to come this season we take a look at 5 Things To Expect In OITNB, Season 5.



1) The Time Span Has Changed

Now while it has never truly been known what the time span for each season has been it has however been altered for Season 5.

Traditionally, the time span has never been accurately known. This way the show would never have to properly address the issue of a characters prison sentence.

However, season 5 has been confirmed to take place over a 3 day period. This not only confirms the timeline but also implies that it has been shortened as it’s highly unlikely that any season before that was over a shorter time span.

This has most likely been decided to reflect the aftermath of the ending of last season where we witnessed both a main character being killed off and a prison riot ensuing.


2) The Inmates Have Control

Being honest I think we can all agree that this was a given and we would have all been surprised if this was not the case but with the release of the official trailer we know for certain this will happen.

From the trailer, we can easily see that the inmates now have control of Litchfield prison as they make demands, some of them absurd, in order to make their lives more comfortable.


3) This Season Will Be Crazy

If you had any doubt that this season would be a disappointment then let me put your mind to ease.

Things are picking up straight away from the season 4 cliffhanger. Therefore, we are going straight back into the prison riot and what is happening inside and they are focusing purely on that, hence the 3-day time span.

To put it into perspective, any riot, would it be in prison or not, is a high paced, adrenaline rushing event. Everyone is going to be firing on all cylinders so expect to see some emotions flying around.

After all, how would you feel if you were caught up in it? Scared? Angry? Depending on who you are, of course, rioter or hostage, will certainly influence that decision but, expect to see all of these emotions captured and shown in this season.


4) Expect To See Taystee Lose It

Would you be surprised if she did?

The once lovable and full of nothing but light and joy Taystee is most likely going to lose it this season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last year, Danielle Brooks discussed the ending of season 4 and what it means for Taystee.

She discussed how the character, who has now lost everything after the death of her best friend will be going to war this season.


5) The Infamous Shot

Did Daya take the shot?

It’s the big question and the one we want the answer to most. It has been teased to us in trailers with the sound of the gun and discussed furiously on the web but we still don’t have an answer.

Will we get the answer?

Yes, I’m sure we will. It would be a bizarre twist not to reveal the answer this season but whether we find out in the first episode is another debate to have.



That’s It

So everyone, that’s us for now. Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black is out on Netflix, June 9th so keep that date in your diary free.

What did you think of our list? Is there anything else you’re expecting to see? Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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