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6 Changes Made For The ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

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The new Power Rangers movie is due to hit theatres pretty soon and fans are getting excited for some Morphin Time, but, will they be left satisfied with all the changes made for the movie.

#PowerRangers #PowerRangersMovie #MorphinTime

Power Rangers first came to us back in 1993 and has become a massive phenomenon with the show spanning over 20 years, 20 seasons and, soon to be,  3rd movie. The show has had major changes over that time from its costumes to locations, to the plot. The latest Power Rangers Movie, which is mainly based off the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show, is no exception to this and the latest trailer released just last week gave us another chance to see those changes that have been made. This is FanNews and today we discuss the 6 Changes Made For The Power Rangers Movie.

1)Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa has gone and had a significant makeover. When we were first introduced to the main nemesis and enemy of the Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in 1993 she was looking what was, as expected, for an evil sorceress, with her large billowing red robes and large headdress and human size staff. The Rita Repulsa portrayed in the new Power Rangers movie looks more battle hardened and warrior like rather than mystical. She wears what looks more like armour and her staff resembles more of a weapon rather than a magical staff.

2) Powers

In the original series, the rangers only had their powers when they had morphed into their power suits. They did have some martial arts skills, but, that was more through hard work and training rather than acquiring them. The latest trailer displays acts of superhuman strength when they are not in their suits. Something they certainly didn’t have in the original series.

3) Chosen

How they acquire their powers has had a bit of a twist. The latest movie adaption shows them discovering their powers by accident it appears. In the original series, they were chosen by Zordon himself to be given their powers.

4) Attitude

“Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude” was the words used by Zordon which was in the intro of every episode of the TV series. The new movie has stuck with this requirement, however, has altered the perception of what “attitude” is. The original series had it that even though they had attitude they were highly regarded in the community as they helped out in local drives and events. The change here is they all appear to have a troubled past and are constantly in trouble.

5) Zordon

Zordon, like Rita, has had a bit of an upgrade also. His appearance was always a large head and that hasn’t altered but instead of appearing inside what looks like a giant misty test tube he has been upgraded to a full-scale, shape altering wall.

6)Suits and Zord’s

Both the suit’s and the rangers zord’s have had some modernization. The suits are looking more armour like compared to their old skin tight suit which looked as though it wouldn’t hold up to much damage. The Zord’s have also had the same treatment as the suits with some shiny new armour making them look more dangerous and able to hold up to much more damage.

That’s us for the, 6 Changes Made For The Power Rangers Movie. What do you think of the changes? Do you think they have made the right changes? Did we miss a major change? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to keep up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Featured and Article Images From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncGH9kSRjKs and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmOzHNgSw6Q

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