6 Fun Facts About “CHiPs” The Original TV Series

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CHiPs is the latest movie to be coming to our screens based on a TV series made long ago. How much do you know about the original series? Are you a diehard fan of CHiPs? Welcome to FanNews and this is our 6 Fun Facts About CHiPs The Original TV Series.

With the 1st official trailer for the CHiPs now out for us to enjoy we thought we would take a quick look at the original series to see what we could find:

1: The Show Was Almost Cancelled

We may never have got the show and movies we did and are yet to come as after only one season the show was almost cancelled. Poor reviews from the critics and the media almost resulted in the show coming to a much earlier end. Thankfully some faith by the network and a few changes to the scheduled time slot gave the show what it needed and things picked up in season 2.

2: Filming Was Pretty Dangerous

Filming on the show had its death-defying moments. While shooting an episode Erik Estrada, who played Officer Frank Poncherello, ended up being in a serious accident on his motorcycle. Estrada, who performed his own stunts, ended up crashing his motorcycle which resulted in severe injuries including multiple fractures all across his body. Larry Wilcox, who played Officer Jon Baker, also ended up in an accident the following year with his motorcycle; his injuries were not as severe as he only had a concussion.

3: Lead Stars Wilcox and Estrada Didn’t Always See Eye to Eye

With frequent reports of both Wilcox and Estrada butting heads, it’s a wonder how the two managed to film an entire episode of CHiPS. While portrayed as best friends on the show, Wilcox and Estrada, were in fact, off screen, not that friendly. This was a factor that supposedly helped Wilcox’s to make his decision in leaving the show. What, or who, caused this to begin may never be known but it was also known that Estrada did not get on with actor Tom Reilly who replaced Wilcox.

4: Wilcox and Another Star Got On The Wrong Side Of The Law

Long after the show was over Wilcox ended up getting on the wrong side of the law. Back in 2010, Wilcox was arrested and charged for varies securities frauds. He wasn’t the only actor from the show to get in trouble with the law, actor Tom Reilly, who replaced Wilcox when he left the show, was arrested for drug possession during the filming of the final season. Reilly’s arrest hit the show with extremely bad publicity which they responded by reducing his role in the show a great deal, however, it’s expected that this was the turning point for CHiPs as the ratings started to slump and the show was cancelled at the end of the season.

5: Estrada Walks Out and Jenner Walks In

For a brief period of time, Estrada was not to appear on the show. A dispute over contractual agreements saw the actor walk out during season 5. Estrada’s replacement was non-other than Bruce, now Caitlyn, Jenner. Jenner happened to be an experienced motorcyclist so was easily integrated into the show. Episodes that featured Jenner still aired with Estrada featuring in the main credits and Jenner as a guest appearance.

6: Wilcox’s Shock Departure

Wilcox’s departure from the show at the beginning of its sixth season, while heavily publicised, came as a bit of a shock. While the conflict between the two lead actors was well known it was never resolved and it is expected that this was the final factor in Wilcox’s decision. Reilly then came in to replace Wilcox’s along with other cast member changes for the sixth season.

That’s our list of 6 Fun Facts About ChiPs The Original TV Series. What did you think? Are there any fun facts you know about? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to stay up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

All Images Within Article and Featured Image Taken From: https://youtu.be/FPJAwHQj8SI

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