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7 TV Shows to Watch During Summer 2017

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Fall TV has come to an end. There are a few straggling shows that started in the midseason, like Reign and iZombie, but for the most part the shows have come to an end. It’s now time for summer TV.

Don’t worry. Summer TV doesn’t mean there’s nothing to watch. In fact, this year there are lots of shows that you need to tune into. Here are seven TV shows to watch during summer 2017 while you wait for the fall 2017 schedule.

#1. Nashville Season 5B

Let’s start with a show that’s already on the air. Nashville Season 5 returned with its midseason premiere on June 1. There’s a major shift this season, as one of the main characters is no longer part of the show.

You may not want to catch the show part way through the season. We get that. Well, the midseason has been a bit of a restart with the loss of a main character. The focus is turning more on some of the other characters and there isn’t much right now that connects to older episodes.

If you do want to catch up, we highly recommend started from the very beginning right now.

#2. Game of Thrones Season 7

Yes, Game of Thrones is back. This is the number one viewing in our house. There will only be seven episodes this season, so just seven weeks of TV viewing from July 16, 2017.

For the book fans, this is the second season to air after the books. The showrunners are using some material they’ve discussed with George R.R. Martin about, but there will also be a little more creative freedom.

Dany is now on her way to Westeros, Arya is back in Westeros as well, Cersei is queen, and Jon Snow has been named King of the North. Are you ready to find out how this season will end?

#3. Suits Season 7

Another show premiering its seventh season is Suits. This legal drama instantly gained popularity because of its unique angle: an attorney who knowingly hired a fraud! To be honest, Mike Ross’ moments in that hotel in the pilot episode drew us in right away.

Suits Season 7 sees Mike as an official attorney now, after a stint in jail. Harvey is now managing partner of the firm, and Jessica has gone leaving no buffer between Harvey and Louis.

The premiere airs on July 12, 2017.


#4. Orange Is the New Black Season 5

One good thing about Netflix Originals is they’re released in one go. This is the case for Orange Is the New Black. Season 5 is coming on June 9 and you will get all the episodes to binge-watch as you like.

This prison drama has certainly take on a life of its own since the pilot episode. It’s fresh and original, while including various real-life issues and problems to make viewers think.

While years pass between the release of the seasons, barely any time passes in the TV show unlike other shows. In fact, the whole of Season 5 (which is 13 episodes) will take place over a 72-hour period.

If you haven’t watched the drama unfold yet, you’ll want to start from the very beginning. Don’t worry, because it’s all available through Netflix.


#5. Broadchurch Season 3

Not all the great shows come from the western side of the Atlantic. Some excellent material comes from Britain, and Broadchurch is one of them. This drama starring David Tennant (yes, the same Tennant who played The Doctor in Doctor Who) is on its final season.

This season has already been released on ITV in the UK, but it’s coming to BBC America on June 28. It’s the last part of the trilogy of stories, set three years after Season 2, and focuses on a young woman who goes through a sexual assault.

The final season has eight episodes, just like the last two, giving the show 24 episodes in total.

#6. The Mist Season 1

The only new scripted show to make our list is The Mist. This show will air on Spike and is an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. If you think it sounds familiar but not because of the book, you may remember the movie that was released a few years ago.

As a TV show needs to rely on a few characters and storylines, the writers have adapted the story to more than just the supermarket in the book. There are conspiracies and intrigue, as shoppers and families don’t know who or what to trust when a mysterious mist surrounds them and seemingly kills everyone who walks into it.

American Horror Story fans will look forward to Frances Conroy as part of the cast. Most of the cast members we don’t recognise but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the watch.

The Mist Season 1 premiere will air on June 22, 2017.

#7. Boy Band Season 1

For reality TV fans, we recommend Boy Band, which is airing its first ever episode on June 22 with a 2-hour premiere.

The 10-episode singing competition will see hopefuls compete against each other for 18 places available in three bands. The judges are boy band and girl group members, including Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys and Emma Bunton from The Spice Girls. Singer Rita Ora will host the ABC show.

What will you watch in summer 2017? We’ll be tuning into Nashville and Game of Thrones definitely while we wait for the fall 2017 schedule to return.

Judges are called the Architects, who will shuffle members around to help create the perfect boy bands. It’s not quite our cup of tea, but great for those who love The X Factor, America’s/Britain’s Got Talent, and other similar shows.


So which TV show will you be watching this summer? Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to follow us to stay up to date with everything going on here at FanNews.

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