About Us

All of us here at FanNews love being a fan.

We love the shows, the movies, the stories, and everything that comes with it, (especially the toys, gadget, T’s etc, etc).

We can’t wait to hear about the latest episodes or the upcoming sequels. We ponder over the latest theories and conspiracies. We debate and fight over what is better; Star Wars or Star Trek; Stark or Lannister; Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

However, not everything you read on the internet is always true. I’m sure we have all heard of #FakeNews by now. Now while this has more significance on other topics for example world conflict than TV and Movies there is nothing worse for a fan to read up on something about their favourite TV show to later find out it was nothing more than ‘Fake News’

Which is why we are dedicated to making sure that doesn’t happen here. We are making it our mission for FanNews to be the most reliable place for fans to get their latest entertainment news, opinions, commentary and more.

We want to share our passion with you and awake your inner fandom and if we cannot bring you the news ourselves we will make sure we share it on one of our social media platforms from someone who has.

So make sure you stay connected and up to date and don’t forget to ‘Live Long and Prosper’