Black Lightning Release Date

‘Black Lightning’ Release Date, Casting, Trailers and More

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Black Lightning Release Date



Last Updated: 8th January, 2018

After several successful attempts at bringing a comic book hero to your screen, The CW network is getting ready to release its latest DC superhero, Black Lighting. Following in the footsteps of several other DC characters brought to life, Black Lightning is set to go above the rest and compete in a world of its own.

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So what is Black Lightning all about?


Based on the comic-book superhero printed by DC Comics, Black Lightning is about Jefferson Pierce, a superhero who hung up his cape years ago and is in retirement. However, due to a string of unfortunate events, he is pulled out of retirement to resume his superhero identity, Black Lightning.


Is there a Black Lightning release date?


An official premiere date of January 16th has been given for Black Lightning, scheduled straight after The Flash, at 9 pm on The CW channel.

Currently, the UK has no official date or channel lined up but several rumours are circulating that it may be available on Netflix the very next day. We will update this section when/if more news becomes available.


Is there a Black Lightning promotional trailer?


The CW released a first look trailer of Black Lightning during San Diego Comic-Con and several others since then giving you a good insight at what the show is going to be like.





Who is set to star in Black Lightning?


Cress Williams will be the man playing Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce. He will star alongside Christine Adams, who will play his ex-wife Lynn Pierce, and his daughters, Annisa Pierce, Nafessa Williams and Jennifer Pierce, China Anne McClain.

Peter Gambi, who is Jefferson Pierce’s oldest friend, is to be played by James Remar with Damon Gupton playing Inspector Henderson, someone who will not agree with Black Lightning in the beginning.


What else do we know about Black Lightning?


While The CW has created other TV shows based on DC Comic Book heroes this will be the first one that will not be connected in some way to the others. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC Legends of Tomorrow have all come together at some point or another and connected.

There is no intention for them to do that with Black Lightning. Of course, this doesn’t mean it will be indefinite; we are pretty sure that if they wanted them connected in some way or another they will, but, for now, Black Lightning is a stand-alone series.

A first look at Nafeesa Williams playing Thunder has been revealed. In the comic books, both Black Lightnings daughters follow in his footsteps, taking on the names Thunder and Lightning.



Is Black Lightning something that you should watch?


It is definitely worth given Black Lightning a shot as it is not going to be your typical superhero show, which usually follows the predictable pattern of the character discovering their powers in one way or another, decides to use them for good, meets the arch nemesis, etc, etc.Black Lightning Release Date

Black Lightning focuses on the character becoming the superhero again; he already has his powers, knows how to use them but has chosen to suppress that power. So a very different direction than what we have seen again and again.

Visually it looks very good as well so yes, definitely something to try out, we will know after the first few episodes if it is a keeper or not.


What do you think about Black Lightning? Is it something you are considering watching? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Black Lightning is set to premiere on January 16th in the US, no UK date has been officially confirmed.


Black Lightning Release Date


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