The Commuter Release Date

The Commuter Release Date, Cast Details, Trailer and More

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All the details of the upcoming action, crime thriller, The Commuter. Including release date, casting, trailers and more.


The Commuter Release Date


Liam Neeson is back. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra comes, The Commuter. This will be the fourth collaboration between the actor and director after Run All Night, Non-Stop and Unknown.

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What is The Commuter about?


The Commuter Release Date

The Commuter is focused around insurance salesman Michael. While on his daily commute home he is approached by a mysterious individual. Events begin to unfold as Michael is forced to identify a passenger aboard the train who does belong. Racing against the clock to identify this individual he soon realises that there is much more to everything that is happening and that his life, along with everyone else onboard the train, are at stake.



When is The Commuter release date?


Originally, The Commuter was scheduled to be released in October 2017 but a decision was made to push it back to January 12th, 2018 in the US. A UK release date of January 19th, 2018 has been set.


Do we have a promotional trailer for The Commuter?


A teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming thriller:



Who is going to appear in The Commuter?


Liam Neeson will be fulfilling the role of insurance salesman Michael with Vera Farmiga playing the mysterious Joanna. Other cast members include:


Patrick Wilson as Alex Murphy

Jonathan Banks as Walt

Sam Neill as Captain Hawthorne

Elizabeth McGovern as Karen MacCauley

Killian Scott as Dylan

Shazad Latif as Vince

Andy Nyman as Tony

Clara Lago as Eva

Roland Møller as Jackson

Florence Pugh as Gwen

Dean-Charles Chapman as Danny MacCauley

Ella-Rae Smith as Sofia

Nila Aalia as Sherri


Is The Commuter worth seeing?


January has always been known as “The Dump” month for movies. Nothing very good is usually released around this time. This, therefore, doesn’t set the standards very high for The Commuter, especially since it was scheduled to air much earlier and they purposely moved it to the dump month.

The Commuter Release Date

However, this could possibly be a very well thought out plan. Movie bosses behind The Commuter could be thinking that by releasing it in January more people will be likely to go and see it as it is the best movie currently out.

The best way to know if you should go see The Commuter or not is to base your opinion on the works between Neeson / Collet-Serra. With this being another Neeson / Collet-Serra collaboration, chances are if you enjoyed the movies Run All Night, Non-Stop and Unknown you will enjoy The Commuter and vice versa.

What do you think? Are you planning to go see The Commuter when it comes out? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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The Commuter is currently scheduled for a US release of January 12th, 2018 and a UK release of January 19th, 2018.



The Commuter Release Date


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