Deleted Chewbacca Scene From ‘Force Awakens’ Hints At Unkar Plutt Return

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An extended deleted Chewbacca scene from Force Awakens hints at Unkar Plutt possibly playing a much bigger role in the upcoming movies as theories are discussed about the scene.

An extended clip, of a deleted scene that went online in October 2016, has recently been released and it shows Unkar Plutt getting on the wrong side of Chewbacca. The initial deleted clip was posted last year and showed Plutt, played by Simon Pegg, crossing paths with Rey. For those who are unaware or need a quick recap, Plutt is the junk dealer from the planet Jakku that caused nothing but problems for Rey.

After Rey and Finn fled from Jakku we never actually seen Plutt again, however, the clip released last year showed them once again meeting at Maz Kanata’s home. The scene showed Plutt threaten Rey and Chewbacca steps into aid her, end scene. The most recent upload, however, shows that a little more happened afterwards. Plutt can be seen provoking Chewbacca the wrong way with the end result being that Chewbacca rips of Plutt’s arm.

The nice little touch about this scene is that it brings back many memories of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope when Old Ben cuts off the arm of Ponda Baba in a Mos Eisley Cantina along with the warning Han Solo gave to C-3PO in the same movie that Wookies must win as they played a game aboard the Falcon.

Will this scene come into play the for the upcoming Star Wars movies is what we are discussing now? With this deleted scene we can safely say that Plutt is on the hunt for Rey for revenge for what occurred on Jakku. What we are wondering now is, will Plutt make an appearance in the future films trying to track her down? Or will he maybe help the First Order track her down? It’s no secret that the First Order is looking for both Rey and Finn so maybe Plutt lends a hand in a possible Bounty Hunter style way.

If he does make an appearance however whether or not he will have his arm or not is the next big question. Remember, neither of these scenes made it into the final cut so, they could ignore, if they wanted to, the ‘arm ripping off’ scene. They could, of course, have him with his arm missing or maybe a prosthetic of some kind. If they did have the arm missing would they then explain it? Would they use this deleted scene as some sort of flashback perhaps? They could of course just not bring Plutt back into it at all.

Only time will tell what happens in regards to the story of Plutt, for the meantime all we can do is speculate and theorise. What did you think of the deleted scenes? Do you think they will be referenced to in the future? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to stay all up to date with all the news, opinions and countdowns you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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