Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special

‘Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special’, News, Casting, Trailers and more

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Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special’, casting details, trailers, and more. Check back for regular updates as we bring you all the details as they come available.


Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special


Christmas is the time of giving, where traditions in all different shapes and forms come to life. For some of you it is how the tree is decorated, how the presents are opened, how you go about the today itself and for some of you it’s watching the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Check back for regular updates on the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special as we will regularly update the page when any announcements are made regarding release dates, casting decisions, promotions and any other relevant announcements.


So what is the plan for the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special?


Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special

This year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, titled ‘Twice Upon a Time’, will focus on how the current Doctor refuses to change and undergoes one last final adventure with another Doctor.


All Christmas Specials are huge events but this will be the very last episode that we will see our current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, appear in. His time as the Doctor is set to come to an end during the episode and the beginning of our newest Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, is to begin, making this Christmas Special a little bit more special than normal.


When is the Doctor Who Christmas special on?


Shockingly, the Christmas special will air on Christmas day itself, Monday, December 25th and is slotted for a 17:30 UK airtime on BBC One.


Is there a promotional trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special?


Doctor Who has officially released two promotional trailers for the episode now, one shortly after the season 10 finale and the second at the beginning of December.




Who is set to appear in the Doctor Who Christmas special?


Peter Capaldi will be starring in his final performance as the Twelfth Doctor with Jodie Whittaker to appear by the end of the episode as the Thirteenth Doctor. Pearl Mackie is returning as Capaldi’s companion form season 10, Bill Potts.

David Bradley has been brought in to play the role of the First Doctor, something which he did in An Adventure in Space and Time, making this a double special Christmas special by having Two Doctors in the episode.

Mark Gatiss is also to star in the episode as ‘The Captain’.


What else do we know about Doctor Who Christmas special?


A sneak peek of the episode has been released showing Capaldi and Bradley playing their respective versions of the Doctor along with Gatiss. The clip shows them entering the famous Tardis and Capaldi showing Bradley that the process of regeneration has begun.



Rumours of Jenna Coleman reprising her role as Clara, Capaldi’s other companion, are still just that, rumours. No official confirmation has been made on if she will return or not.

The regeneration process, where the current Doctor effectively dies and the new Doctor is born, will take place during the Christmas Special. Jodie Whittaker has spoken about filming the scene itself and the ultimate end to the Capaldi era.



Is the Doctor Who Christmas special something you should watch?


Doctor Who Christmas specials are always enjoyable to watch but this year is going to be bigger than before. Capaldi brought something very different to his version of Doctor Who which many fans have taken hold off.

So to see his time come to an end is certainly going to be a big, and ultimately an emotional, moment but also the introduction of Jodie Whittaker will be a historical moment as she will have then become the first female Doctor. Making this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special a very emotional and historical event.


Update 18th December 2017:

New sneak peek released showing The Doctor escaping in The First Doctor’s Tardis;



Are you planning on watching the Doctor Who Christmas special? What do you hope will happen? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

The Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special is scheduled for, December 25th, 2017, at 17:30 UK Time on the BBC.


Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special


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