‘Doctor Strange’ Arrives In Theatre

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Doctor Strange arrived in theatres today, November 4th, for its box office opening weekend.

The film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange, is the second Marvel film this year following on from the highly successful Captain America: Civil War at the start of the year.

Dr. Strange is the Marvel Comic book story about Dr. Stephen Strange, a highly commended neurosurgeon who after a disastrous car crash loses the ability to operate due to damage to his hands. Desperate to find a way to regain the use of his hands he embarks on a journey to find a solution. After several failed attempts he then looks towards non-traditional medical solutions and discovers the magical world.


A journey begins as Strange learns to master the use of these powers. While embarking on this journey he learns of the evil forces out in the world. A choice then needs to be made. Regain his old life that he set out to recover or begin a whole new life.

Critic reports so far look promising with an IMDb rating of 8/10 and Rotten Tomatoes of 91%. This will be good news for Marvel and Walt Disney Studios who spent a reported $165 Million USD making the film as they will be hoping for the similar success as Captain America: Civil War who had a reported box office return of $1 Billion USD.

Have you seen Dr. Strange? If so let us know your thoughts of the movie in the comments below.

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