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‘EastEnders’: Danny Dyer, Wants To Be The 13th Doctor

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EastEnders star Danny Dyer has revealed he is anxious to be the next Doctor Who after Peter Capaldi steps down from the role later this year.

Since the announcement of Peter Capaldi stepping down at the end of the year speculation has been massive over who will become the next Doctor with several actors also revealing their interest and EastEnders Danny Dyer is the latest to do so.

#DannyDyer #DoctorWho #Danny4Doctor

The actor revealed that he would be “interested” in becoming the 13th Doctor Who.

He also said:

“I could see myself in the scarf and all that,”

Currently, he is still under contract with EastEnders but that expires at the end of the year making the timing perfect for being the next Doctor.

Dyer has expressed his interest in a BBC show before. Several years ago he expressed his interest in being the next Sherlock Holmes while on the Jonathon Ross show after Benedict Cumberbatch.

A big question to ask on if he gets his role is how would he go about the accent? Currently, Capaldi uses mother tongue Scottish accent whether Dyer would stick with his Cockney accent meaning we would have our first ever Cockney Doctor.

Fans are certainly liking the possibility of him playing the role. A petition has been formed to drum up support.

Of course, there are other big name stars who are being labelled as favourites to land the role. The likes of Ben Wishaw, Richard Ayoade and Emma Watson have all been named as favourites.

What do you think of the news? Would you like the idea of Dyer being the next Doctor? If he is picked should he have a Cockney accent? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts?

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