‘Emerald City’: 8 Subtle Plot Changes Made for the TV Series

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NBC’s newest TV series ‘Emerald City’ featured a double episode debut when it aired on Friday, 6th January. The modern day reimagining of the events leading to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ are certainly bringing back memories of the previous movies of Dorothy and the land of Oz. Especially the original 1939 version.

Changes and adaptations of what you may have seen before in the movies have been made for the TV series. It was quite fun sitting down to watch and try to spot the changes that were made from the 1939 movie plot. This is what we want to talk to you about today. FanNews is bringing you the eight subtle plot changes made for the TV Series

Before we start please note that this is based on the opening first two episodes and any moments after this in future episodes obviously won’t be discussed.  Also if you haven’t seen the episodes then this will contain possible spoilers and we recommend that you stop reading now, go watch the episodes and then return.

1: The Bike Became the Car

Originally Dorothy’s mode of transport in Kansas was a bike. In the opening episode, we saw our modern day version of Dorothy using a car instead. This change comes naturally, as the original was set in 1939 when cars were not the main mode of transport and were more used as a luxury compared to 2016.

2: The Witch of the East Struck by a Car

When Dorothy lands in Oz she inevitably discovers that she struck the Witch of the East, just as she did in the ’39 version. The subtle difference in the ’39 movie adaptation she did so with a house, but this time it was a car. The change fits no significant modern day necessity but appears that the change was made to add originality.

3: Toto: Terrier to German Shepherd

Toto is no longer the tiny little Yorkshire terrier who would occasionally be carried by Dorothy, but a massive German Shepherd police dog. Why the change? We are not sure but it is a fitting change as this version of Oz appears to be a much harsher and more dangerous world, something the little Yorkshire terrier most likely wouldn’t last long in. Also, Toto isn’t the dog’s name but the word ‘dog’ in the Munchkin tribal language, which brings us to our next point.

4: The Munchkins are not Munchkins

Originally in the ’39 movie the munchkins little people who formed a village that sent Dorothy on her way along the yellow brick road. This time the munchkins are not little people. They are a tribe of people who have an uncanny resemblance to the wildlings from ‘Game of Thrones’. Munchkins are still referenced though as the tribe is called the Munchkin Tribe.

5: The Yellow Brick Road Opiate Field

The yellow brick road remains and, just as before, Dorothy must follow it to reach the Wizard of Oz. There is just a slight adjustment between this road and the original. Dorothy’s new road is now a yellow opium road. That’s right! The road can get her pretty high and cause some funky hallucinations.

6: The Scarecrow’s Search

The scarecrow is still in search for something but this time instead of an actual brain he is now searching for his memories. This nice twist to the scarecrow’s original storyline is a fitting change to suit the modern day reimagining and it opens up the scarecrow’s past to the imagination.

7: Glinda The Good Witch of the North…..We Think…..

Glinda was always known as the good witch but whether she still is this time we are not too sure. So far things look complicated in the witches past and as the show airs more episodes time will tell if she is good or now the bad witch of the north.

8: Dorothy Won’t Tap Her Way Home

Dorothy spent the entire movie walking along the yellow brick road in what looked like very impractical ruby slippers. These slippers where given to her when she killed the Witch of the East. Our latest Dorothy received ruby gloves instead.

So far that’s all the subtle changes we have noticed so far from the original movie but we are sure there will be plenty more to see. What did you think of the changes? Did we miss anything you spotted? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.


All Article Images Including Featured Taken From: https://youtu.be/DRCKdYORpiE

Author: FanNews

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