FanNews Weekly Entertainment News Roundup: 11 things you missed from Nov 17-24

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We’re back with our FanNews weekly Entertainment News roundup. This week is for November 17-24, although there will be a couple of timely things from November 25, as usual. From next week, we’ll actually start covering from the Friday to the Friday to remain consistent across the board.

There’s been a mix of news this week. While some shows have proven to have only good things mentioned about it, others have had some bad press or seen bad ratings. Here’s a look at all your favorite TV show news that stands out for us.

Supernatural sees bad Thanksgiving ratings

The biggest problem for Supernatural this week has been the ratings. It was a major plot-driven episode but saw the ratings tank to a series-low. Yes, a low for all 12 and a bit seasons! Hopefully The CW sees this as a one-off.

We also don’t want you to miss out on the updates for next week’s episode. It looks to be an odd standalone that will divide the fans.

Supernatural week 7 preliminary ratings

4 takeaways from the Supernatural season 13, episode 8 promo and synopsis

Supernatural did the unthinkable and created a plot hole!

Things we need to see in Nashville’s final season

Last week, Nashville announced that season 6 would be its last. I’ve put together a list of things that I’d really like to see. It covers the majority of the main characters, focusing on some of the most annoying things that came from season 5.

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Media Room

7 things we want to see in Nashville season 6

Outlander sneak peek finally released

There hasn’t been as many promos for the upcoming episode of Outlander this week. The images show only Claire’s story and the sneak peek was released late. However, we have all the news for you here, including the importance of the turtle soup scene.

What’s the big deal about the turtle soup scene in Outlander

Outlander season 3, episode 11 sneak peek

Outlander season 3, episode 11 promo photos

NBC wins the Thanksgiving views

Thanksgiving is an exciting time of year in the United States. It’s the time for the Macy’s Parade and to spend quality time with the family. Supernatural wasn’t the only show to air a new episode this year. The networks certainly showed mixed results.

The CW and CBS show mixed results for Thanksgiving TV ratings

Images acquired from respective press sites/articles

This Is Us midseason finale almost here

This Is Us is coming to an end for 2017. That’s nothing to worry about, because it will be back for next year. However, here’s a look at the things to expect for the fall finale.

This Is Us: What to expect from the midseason finale

This Is Us: How Kate Pearson dodged a disastrous ending scenario

Star Wars getting a royal addition?

Finally, it’s all about Star Wars right now. With The Last Jedi out in theaters next week, promotion around the movie is amping up. It turns out there may be royal additions to the movie this year.

The Last Jedi will see Prince William and Prince Harry cameos

What TV shows and movies would you like to see us include for next week’s roundup? Let us know so we can gather the news that’s important to you!

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