FanNews Weekly Roundup, Jan 26-Feb 1: 13 Things to Read from This Week in Entertainment News

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The weekend is an excellent time to catch up on the Entertainment News around the world. Whether you love Supernatural, prefer to watch movies or even want to know more about Netflix originals like Altered Carbon, this is the place to be. We pick the top 13 pieces to read about all your favourite shows, covering news and opinion pieces.

There may be some spoilers in some of the pieces. If you’ve not caught up with the most recent episodes in the United States, we recommend reading with caution.

Know Your February Movies

Let’s start with all the movies that are coming to theatres in February. Sandy Perez at Hidden Remote has broken down each of them, making the ones that you need to make a priority clear. There are some standout movies coming to theatres, including  Black Panther and Winchester.

Photo Credit: Netflix Media Room

There are a few people getting confused about the Winchester movie. It’s got nothing to do with the Winchester brothers in Supernatural, but is based on the real house and the real history of the Winchester family.

Movies coming to theaters in February, and the one you can’t miss

Stay Up to Date about the Charmed Reboot

If you’re a fan of the original Charmed series, you’ll want to stay up to date about the recent reboot ideas. The CW has approved another attempt, after the one last year failed miserably. However, fans are still not happy about the news. Whether it’s the idea of piggy-backing off their favourite series or a misuse of words in the promotional material, fans are angry.

Check out these posts about the Charmed reboot and make up your own mind on the series.

6 reasons Charmed fans are still annoyed at the reboot

Holly Marie Combs speaks out about the Charmed reboot, and it’s epic!

Netflix Originals for February 2018

FanNews’ own Callum Gunn goes through all the Netflix Originals coming in February 2018. They all start with the drop of Altered Carbon today, but he shares all the ones you’ll want to keep an eye out for. On top of that, he shares his thoughts specifically on the trailer for Mute.

Also, don’t miss out on an interview with Altered Carbon’s Hiro Kanagawa and find out what his dream role is.

9 Netflix Originals you must watch in February 2018

Netflix reveals everything and nothing with the Mute trailer

Hiro Kanagawa discusses Altered Carbon and his dream role

FanNews weekly entertainment news roundup
Individual images from respective media rooms; logo credit to FanNews

Supernatural Nielsen Social Rating Changes and more

When it comes to Supernatural, you’ll want to keep an eye on how Nielsen is tracking the social ratings. There’s a big change, but it’s for the better; as long as fans remember the new tracking methods. There’s also a lot of talk about the spin-off, Wayward Sisters, and a discussion about the handling of Sam and depression.

Many of these pieces do have spoilers in them. Supernatural Season1 3 hasn’t started in the UK yet, so if you’ve not been watching it through online means, you’ll want to watch out!

Nielsen changed the way it measures Social Ratings

Will Supernatural handle Sam’s depression properly?

When will we find out whether Wayward Sisters is picked up or not?

Get yourself on a new Outlander history tour

Photo credit: Starz Media Room

If you’re a lover of Outlander, there’s a lot of news about Scottish filming locations this week. However, the most exciting has to be Alison Weir Tours coming back to Scotland. In 2019, she’ll do a tour that includes Midhope Castle, the place that is used for Lallybroch. Check out all these posts and start booking your trip now!

Alison Weir Tours comes to iconic Outlander location

6 things Outlander didn’t include about Bonnie Prince Charlie

Has Murtagh been spotted in Cumbernauld Glen?

Sam Heughan proves filming is no picnic

Have we missed an important update about your favourite TV shows and movies? Share your favourites below so we can be sure to look out for it next week!

[Featured Image: Individual photos credited to respective media rooms; logo credit to FanNews]

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