The Good Doctor season 2 release date

The Good Doctor Season 2 Release Date, Cast Details, Trailer and More

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All the details located in just one place, just for you. From The Good Doctor season 2 release date, casting decisions, trailers and more


The Good Doctor season 2 release date


The ABC fall drama has exceeded all expectations. Ever since its premiere episode, The Good Doctor has just become more and more successful. After only its second episode ABC gave it the go-ahead for a full season order. It has surpassed the likes of The Big Bang Theory in terms of viewer numbers, becoming the most watched show and even secured Freddie Highmore a Golden Globe Award nomination for his portrayal as Dr Shaun Murphy.

And that success is just getting started. Freddie Highmore as Dr Shaun Murphy, along with everyone else at St Bonaventure Hospital, has captured the attention of the entire world. So what is happening with a season 2? Has it been confirmed, if so what are the details?

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The Good Doctor season 2, has it been confirmed?


Nothing officially has been announced regarding a season 2. Some unconfirmed accounts of a renewal have been reported but neither ABC nor The Good Doctor has made an official announcement.

It is suspected that the decision will be announced around March 2018 at the latest as this is when most networks make their announcements regarding renewals.

We will update this section when further details are given.


The Good Doctor season 2 release date, cast details, trailer etc,


The Good Doctor season 2 release date

Until an official decision and announcement are made about season 2 there is no current information regarding release dates, casting etc.


It is very likely. As in, ‘a sure thing’ type likely, that The Good Doctor will be renewed for that second season. ABC would be out of their mind not to. And when that decision is made we will start to bring you all the information regarding specifics details.

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As of writing The Good Doctor has not been confirmed for a second season by either the network or the show. It is currently mid-way through its first season and about to return from its winter break.


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  1. It is so refreshing to finally have an interesting show to watch with good story lines & minus the violence that has infected other shows in this day & age.The acting is superb, storylines excellent. Pity about the persistent adverts that seem to go on longer than the show! Hope the producers can continue with this successful show by keeping it true to good storylines that we can relax , enjoy & continue to want to follow.

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