Greys Anatomy Deluca #GreysAnatomy #Deluca

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Deluca | Do You Like Him More or Less Now?

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We think it’s safe to say that when Grey’s Anatomy went on its mid-season winter break at the end of last year, Deluca, wasn’t liked very much. Actually, we are going with downright hated.

But, after the latest episode, ‘None of Your Business’, did Deluca’s confrontation with Karev make you like him more, or less?


Greys Anatomy Deluca #GreysAnatomy #Deluca


At the very end of the episode, we watched as Karev gave, what we felt, was an actual sincere,  heartfelt apology. Not something he does likely.

Only to then watch Deluca burn that apology by pretty much saying that it’s a little bit late. That he had ample opportunity to apologise and he only did what he did because Joe had been through enough.

So, first of all, does Deluca have a good point? Why did Karev wait so long to apologise?


Greys Anatomy Deluca #GreysAnatomy #Karev


But, putting all that aside, did his actions in the latest episode make you like him more or less? We are certainly not complaining that he dropped the charges as it means Karev is not going to jail.

+1 to Deluca.

However, he did let it get this far. He was clearly aware why Alex did what he did and at the start of we could maybe accept him taking this route but after a period of time, once his wounds had healed, you would have thought he would have dropped the charges much,  much sooner.

-1 DeLuca.

Maybe it made no difference to you and you like him just the same. Maybe you’re too focused on not liking Bailey with all the shenanigans she is doing.

Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Grey’s Anatomy returns on Thursday with it’s latest episode “It Only Gets Much Worse”

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