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Grey’s Anatomy | Dr. Robert Stark | What Happened To Him?

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Grey’s Anatomy has been going for a long time now and we hope it keeps going for much longer, however, as time goes by it’s not that surprising to see cast members and characters suddenly disappear. Greys Anatomy Dr Robert Stark was one such character and the question on our minds is, what happened to him?

Played by actor Peter MacNicol, known for his roles in Mr Bean and Sophie’s Choice, he starred in a total of seven episodes across season seven, the first being episode 8 ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and the final being episode 20 ‘White Wedding’.

For those that need a quick refresh, Stark was the one appointed as Head of Pediatric Surgery after Arizona went to Malawi, Africa, to oversee the paediatric surgery program.

He wasn’t exactly the most loved character as he did things like stealing credit. In the episode ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ Stark performs a liver transplant operation on a four-month-old only to find he can’t close up due to swelling and how small the little one is.

Karev has the brilliant idea of using a sterilised ping pong ball to hold everything in place as its much more sterile than a sponge and the liver can grow around it as it’s biodegradable.

Rather than give praise, Stark has a go at him, steals the idea and all the credit with it.

Also, he had a habit of not answering pages. In the episode ‘Slow Night, So Long’ Meredith is left in charge of Stark’s patients and one such patient reports of severe pain likely due to the earlier surgery.

Meredith pages Stark and while he does come the first time, only to wave it off as nothing but gas, refuses to answer any more that night even when it turns out the patient has a perforated ulcer.

Stark did have his funny parts, though. Turns out he took a liking to April, which was a joy to watch as she had no idea what to do. Also, who could forget the scene in the episode ‘Disarm’ when Karev body blocks him to prevent an amputation.


#GreysAnatomy #DrRobertStark


But still, what happened to him?

We already know that when Arizona came back he wasn’t being sacked and that Arizona would have to work under him.

We also know he had a year-long contract to fulfil.

But when, and how, did he leave?

His last episode to appear in was ‘White Wedding’ and we honestly are unable to recall any exchanges of goodbye or anything else along those lines.

We certainly don’t recall any references to him in later episodes. So what happened?

Did he just leave? Did his contract just expire and wasn’t renewed therefore he had to leave? If so where was the scene explaining this? Did it end up on the editing room floor?

Was there even a scene of him leaving? Was there some bad blood between show bosses and the actor that he just up on and left?

We honestly can’t remember. If you know what happened then please tell us. Leave a comment below telling us what happened and if it’s really obvious, as in we have completely overlooked a very obvious thing then we apologise for our incompetence as Grey’s Anatomy fans.

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