‘Greys Anatomy’ Fans Not Happy With Latest Announcement

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‘Greys Anatomy’ fans are not happy as the return of season 13 from its mid-season winter break has been rescheduled.

Season 13 of ‘Greys Anatomy’ was set to return on Thursday, January  19th, however a late scheduling announcement by the show’s network ABC now means that fans are going to have to wait an extra week to see their favourite doctors in action as the show has been rescheduled to the follow week, Thursday, January 26th.

The news, unsurprisingly, has not been taking well by fans as the reason for the rescheduling is due to the result of a pre-inauguration special which is airing on ABC News. Fans have taken to social media to let their opinion known as this does come as a major surprise as the show’s network should have had plenty of time to organise this TV special without causing a scheduling conflict since the presidential elections came to an end in November last year which was before ‘Greys Anatomy’ even went on its winter break.

Fans can gain a small amount of consolidation as ‘Greys Anatomy’ was not the only one to have last minute rescheduling done. Both ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and ‘Scandal’ have also been rescheduled to the following week. Officially, ABC has commented to say that the reason to reschedule the shows was to ensure that the entire TGIT lineup resumed with three original episodes. Despite this comment, it still appears odd to fans and more like a last minute decision as the network was promoting the January 19th TGIT return fairly recently.

What do you think of the last minute alterations? Do you think this was a last minute decision to air the inauguration special or a maybe it was a massive oversight in TV scheduling? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

‘Greys Anatomy’ officially returns, Thursday, January 19th you can watch the promo trailer below.

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