‘Greys Anatomy’: Jackson Avery’s Father Makes Appearance

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‘Greys Anatomy’ have announced that the lineage of Dr. Jackson Avery will expand, as a member of the family is introduced that we have not seen before.

Updates on what is in the upcoming episodes of ‘Greys Anatomy’ have revealed that Jackson’s long eluded father will be introduced in an upcoming episode. Jackson, played by Jesse Williams, has been a recurring character on the show with 175 credited episodes to his name since season 6.

Despite his long appearance on the show his father has never been seen by viewers, yet, we have met his mother Dr. Catherine Avery, played by Debbie Allen, and his grandfather, played by Chelcie Ross, Dr. Harper Avery. Currently, any mention of his father in the show has only been in passing and it has not exactly been in a good light either as it has mainly been referencing to how his father has been a missing part of his life for so long.

Details of who shall play the role are currently not available as they are being kept a closely guarded secret.

The news should be received well by fans who recently had heard the disappointing news reported that the show was suddenly having last minute changes in its scheduling by the show’s network, ABC, resulting in the show being pushed back to resume from its winter break on Thursday, January 26th, rather than the original January 19th date.

What do you think of the introduction of Jackson’s father? Where and what has he been doing all this time? Will Jackson be happy to see him? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

‘Greys Anatomy’, season 13, resumes Thursday, January 26th.

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