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‘Hand Of God’ | Season 2 | Teaser Trailer and Premiere Date Released

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Amazon Prime TV has released the Hand of God Season 2 teaser trailer and premiere date for the upcoming show.

The second season of our favourite morally corrupt, mentally broken, hears God voice in his head Judge Pernell Harris, is back with an all-new teaser trailer.

Harris, played by Ron Perlman, features heavily in this trailer in what we can only be described as a ‘we want more’ trailer.

Lasting only 30 seconds the teaser gives us very quick glimpses of what is to come in season 2. The trailer opens with the voice of Harris explaining what he hears inside his head.

It then quickly cuts to him strapped to a table in what appears to be a questionable treatment facility.

We then see him back home declaring:

“I’m Cured.”

To which the response is:

“Cured of God? Never.”

Things then get pretty dramatic from here as we see quick flashes of different events, including an explosion, a stabbing and possible suicide.

Words also appear on the screen between the scenes saying:

“To Find The Truth”

“You Must Suffer”

“The Consequences”

The trailer ends leaving us both excited and in suspense with Harris firing a shot from his gun to the words from his own mouth:

“No Witness, No Trial”

Being echoed in the background.

A premiere date was also revealed at the end of the trailer. Hand of God Season 2 now has an official premiere date of March 10th, 2017.

Sadly this is going to be the last season as it was decided last year that the show would come to a conclusion at end of season 2.

What do you think of the trailer? Has it gotten you excited to see the show? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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