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Loot Crate, January 2017 Unboxing, Origins

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The latest edition of Loot Crate has landed at FanNews HQ and we are here to bring you all the details in our, ‘Loot Crate, January 2017, Unboxing Origins’.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017

Loot Crate’s January theme was Origins and is looking really promising as exclusive items from Superman, Captain America, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more have been advertised. Our crate has just arrived so get ready as we perform the unboxing and explain the items have been delivered in this month’s crate.

Warning: If you have not received your crate and do not want any spoilers then stop reading now and return later.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017


#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was advertised and it was the first item we spotted when we opened it up. Represented in the form of a mini tiki mug you have the chance of being gifted one of the four turtles or maybe even the rare Shredder.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017 #TNMT

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017 #TMNT

We personally received Donatello and you can do many things with your mini tiki. You can proudly display it amongst your other collectables or maybe use it to knock back some cocktails or, as one of the team here pointed out, you can use it as an egg holder for your eggs and soldiers. If you want to complete the entire set Loot Crate have them up for sale via the Loot Vault.


What better way to celebrate Origins than by having the original gaming character, Super ‘Jumpman’ Mario. This month’s wearable is a t-shirt depicting the famous jumping plumber in his red overalls with the slogan “The Original Since 1981”.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017 #Mario

This t-shirt perfectly pays tribute to the original retro games which essentially set the foundations for what gaming is today. Whether or not you’re a big gaming fan you can’t help but appreciate this exclusive t-shirt.


Hidden beneath the t-shirt we found Captain America staring up at us in his original get up. A replica 1:6 scale of the Captain’s shield was the exclusive item representing the original first avenger. Made to a very high standard it has the original straps on the back and comes with a display stand along with a certificate of authenticity.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017 #Marvel #CaptainAmerica

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017 #Marvel #CaptainAmerica

A brilliant piece that can proudly be displayed it is in our opinion the best part of this month’s crate. If you’re a massive fan of Captain America or the Avengers it will obviously be your favourite piece, but, even if you’re not, as it is crafted to such a brilliant standard and you are able to display it so well, you surely, cannot, fault this in any way and have to agree that it is the best item.


Comic book fans will enjoy this. At the very bottom of the crate was an Action Comic #1 Reprint. Superman made his first ever appearance with this comic book company back in 1938 and this replica of the original comic contains not only the original script, but, original ads used and has even been reprinted on original newsprint stock. The reprint also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017 #DCComics

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017 #DCComics

A great addition to the crate and one for the comic book fans this piece certainly reflects the origin of superheroes. Whether you choose to open yours to have a look inside or keep it sealed is up to you. Right now our exclusive reprint is sealed and stowed away, how long for we shall see.


As with all Loot Crate’s we got the usual Loot Pin, magazine and the transformation of the crate.

The Loot Pin this month featured the TMNT sewer logo.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017

The monthly magazine, as per normal, explains the different items included within the crate along with some factual stories relating to the items. Interviews for the magazine are also included, this month’s interview was with Gary Whitta a writer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Also inside, the instructions of the transformation of the crate and a redemption code for free digital copies of issue #1-5 of TMNT.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017

The transformation of the crate was a nice surprise this month as it transformed into a fantastic comic book holder that you can use to store your comics, or, use for other practical purposes in the office or at home.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017

That’s it, Loot Crate January 2017 Unboxing Origins is complete. What did you think of the crate? Did you get the crate? If so what was your favourite item? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to stay up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

#LootCrateUnboxing #LootCrateOrigins #LootCrateUnboxingJanuary2017

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