My Cousin Rachel

‘My Cousin Rachel’: Everything You Need To Decide If It’s Worth Seeing

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My Cousin Rachel is a Mystery, Romance, Drama due to be released shortly in theatres and is both a gripping and not that surprising, mysterious story.

Will you head to the theatres to see it? We take a look at everything we know so far so you can decide if it’s worth seeing or not.


What is ‘My Cousin Rachel’ About?

Set in England, the essence of this story is that a young gentleman seeks to plot his revenge against his cousin who he believes to have had a hand in his guardian’s death.

However, things become difficult when he discovers that she is both mysterious and beautiful. He then begins to develop feelings for her and upon this, a dark and twisted road begins.


Where Did This Idea Come From?

Like so many other movies recently the idea for the movie comes from a novel.

My Cousin Rachel was first published in 1951 and was written by British author Daphne du Maurier, which if you are unfamiliar with the name may recognise her other pieces of work such as The Birds and Rebecca.

The novel is set mainly in Cornwall upon a large estate where much of the author’s inspiration for the novel supposedly took place.



Who Is Starring?

Rachel Weisz, who most will remember from The Mummy series as Evelyn Carnahan or ‘Evie’, is to star as Rachel. Sam Claflin, known for his work as Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games series and Will Traynor from Me Before You, will be playing the role of Phillip.

Other cast members to appear are Holliday Grainger, Andrew Knott, Katherine Pearce, Poppy Lee Friar and Game of Thrones star Iain Glen.


Fun Fact

This is not the first My Cousin Rachel movie to be made. In 1952, shortly after the novel published, a movie was made starring Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland.

Critical response for the movie was fairly positive, however, disagreements between du Maurier and the original director over how the movie was being adapted from the novel made things difficult.

The movie went on to receive several award nominations with Burton winning the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year – Actor award.


Reactions So Far

Oddly reactions on social media have been rather, well, odd.

A lot of negativity and a lot of discussions over whether or not this movie contains incest appears to be the main focus rather than the quality of the movie itself.

Now I am not condoning incest, it’s certainly something that should never happen, but, you all happily watch Game of Thrones. Maybe that’s why they got Iain Glen to star in it, make it more comfortable for the viewers.


Is It Worth Seeing?


Being blunt, yes, I do think this is worth seeing.

First of all the movie has a top quality cast members, who undoubtedly put in a top performance every time and the trailers alone showcase that perfectly. The plot is based on a du Maurier novel who created memorising page-turning classics. This is a recipe for a good movie.

If you haven’t seen the trailer you can watch it below it certainly showcases what I have said above and best of all it doesn’t give away the entire movie.



That’s It

So once again that is it for now. What do you think of My Cousin Rachel so far? Will you be planning to see it? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

We will be back next week to discuss all the reactions to the movie so keep an eye on that.

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My Cousin Rachel is expected to be released in theatres on June 9th.

Article and Featured Image from above trailer.

Author: Alexandria Gunn

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