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New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Trailer Out Now

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A new Power Rangers movie trailer was released today, January 19th, and we get our first glimpses of Zordon, Alpha 5 and the Zords.

The second, and possibly final, official trailer has been released for Lionsgates upcoming Power Rangers movie. The first official trailer was released several months ago and showed our fellow Rangers being introduced along with quick glimpses of Rita Repulsa. This latest release, however, shows much more Power Rangers fans.

#powerrangersmovie #powerrangerstrailer

The new Power Rangers movie trailer features shots of the cast again going about their daily routine at Angel Grove, but, this time we get to see much more of them in action as we are giving glimpses of them in their Power Rangers suits, their Zord’s, Alpha 5 and Zordon himself.

Small changes have clearly been made from the original plot of the TV series which are noticeable from the trailer but the fundamentals seem to have remained the same. We still have Red Ranger Jason, played by Dacre Montgomery, Black Ranger Zack, played by Ludi Lin, Blue Ranger Billy, played by RJ Cyler, Yellow Ranger Trini, Played by Becky G and Pink Ranger Kimberly, played by Naomi Scott. The original series had Mighty Morphin Power Ranger tagged as “teenagers with attitude”. This they have stuck with, but, instead of teenagers who help out with the community, they are in fact, dysfunctional teens.

We do still have Zordon and Alpha 5 however the look of Zordon, played by Bryan Cranston, has been altered slightly. Rita has also had a bit of a style change along with the look of the Power Ranger suits and their Zord’s. All these changes do appear to be more of a modernisation change to their look more than anything else.

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The main plot change that has been made which fans might not be happy with is that they appear to discover their powers by accident and also they seem to have had a gained super strength also. In the original, Zordon chose them to be his Power Rangers and they only had their powers when they “Morph”.

Not set for release until March 24th we will have to wait until then to see what other changes may have been done to the movie and whether they go down well with fans.

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