New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Released

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The second trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman was released earlier today, November 3rd, showing the Amazonian princess in all her glory.

Due to release in June 2017, the trailer gives us more details into the origin story of Wonder Woman.

The trailer opens up in what appears to be modern day time, with Wonder Woman at the Louvre in Paris. She is then seen to examine an old picture of herself and her companions during the Great War.

It then cuts back in time to when Wonder Woman saves Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, followed by a battle commencing on the beach by the Amazonian people.

Scenes of Trevor amongst the Amazonian people, Wonder Women venturing out in the world, teaser fight scenes and more are shown to us in rapid succession.


The trailer is the second of its type to be released and while some scenes would have already been viewed in the first trailer there is certainly new footage that we have not had the privilege to watch. What did you think of the new trailer? What was your favourite scene? Let us know in the comments below.

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