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Powerless: 9 Things We Know So Far

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The Powerless DC TV series debuts tonight on the NBC network. The DC comedy TV series is about a group of normal people living and working in a superhero world. But what else do we know about the show? Here are 9 Things We Know About Powerless So Far


1: Emily Locke

Emily, played by Vanessa Hudgens, is our star of the show as it focuses on her as she begins her new dream job at Wayne Security dealing with Superhero and Villains collateral damage while also handling her everyday normal life as well.

2: Van Wayne

Bruce Wayne’s super rich and spoiled cousin Van Wayne, played by Alan Tudyk, is the completely obliviously boss of Emily. Van Wayne is running the show at Wayne Security but is trying to worm his way into a new job, higher up, in the Wayne Enterprise chain.


3: Collateral Products

The team at Wayne Security specialise in dealing with products to deal with and protect the citizens that deal with the collateral damage that is caused by the battles between superheroes and villains.

#Powerless #DC #DCPowerless #PowerlessDC

4: The Passion Is Not Shared

While Emily may be confident, eager and ready her colleagues sadly don’t share the same level of enthusiasm and her boss, who is completely unaware, is of no use. So she must rally her colleagues to get on board with the tasks ahead.


5: It Sucks Living In A Superpower City

Citizens are not happy with it. They are fed up continually having to deal with the fall out of the superhero battles and having their stuff damaged. The price they pay for living in a superpower world is not something they are pleased with.


6: A Powerless Hero

Looks like Emily will become an accidental hero as she voices the concerns held by many citizens after her commute is interrupted by a superhero battle.

#Powerless #DC #DCPowerless #PowerlessDC

7: Marvel

Marvel have had a similar project in production with their TV series Damage Control. Similar to Powerless, Damage Control is about a company attempting to repair or replace the collateral damage caused by Superheros. Whether it will still go ahead now that DC are bringing their own version out is still unclear but we wouldn’t be surprised if they waited to see how Powerless performed before reaching their decision.


8: 1ST DC Comedy

This is the first time that DC has attempted comedy.We have not been short of action packed TV series but this will officially be the first comedy series. How they deliver it will be a key thing to look our for as they have routinely been known for being aggressive and humourless.


9: 10 Episodes

Depending on your source, depends on what you will be told, but, the most we have found so far is the show is scheduled for a maximum ten episodes. Ordering additional episodes will all come down to the ratings and success of the show. If the network bosses are happy we may see a few more episodes lined up.


That’s it. That is our 9 Things We Know About Powerless So Far. What did you think of our list? Is there anything we missed?

Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to follow us to keep up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns.

#Powerless #DC #DCPowerless #PowerlessDC

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