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‘Powerless’ | Episode 2, Reviews Are In

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Powerless, the DC comedy series shown on NBC, aired its second episode last night and the reviews are in on how the show faired.

If you haven’t watched the show yet but are looking to get an idea of how the episode went and don’t want to surf through site after site of reviews, fear not we have down all the groundwork for you in our spoiler-free web review collection.

We have taken reviews from several sources and put together the key highlights for you. So without further ado here we go:


FANSIDED said that:

“laughs were forced quite often in episode 1, that was far less the  case in episode 2”

“characters seem much more natural”

“there remains hope for DC’s sitcom baby”

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TVFANATIC said that:

“office setting is establishing well, following different conflicts from within. The one thing that could get more attention is the invention part of their job”

“Usually peppy characters border on horrible because they are forced so hard on us, but Emily really turns that around.”

“His scenes with other characters is where it might take a hit” (when discussing Van Wayne)


IGN said that:

“sophomore episode is at least marginally better than the first”

“the fact remains that this series is much less entertaining than a comedy set in the DC Universe has any right to be.”

“Powerless wants to bill itself as a DC Comics-based show, it needs to make more than the absolute bare minimum effort to be one.”


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Nerdist said that:

“the second episode of Powerless still felt underwhelming.”

“played more like a normal workplace situational comedy–the kind we’ve seen countless times before”

“ still plenty of great lines and funny exchanges, especially from Christina Kirk and Alan Tudyk who were hysterical every time they opened their mouths”

So, what do you think of the reviews? Have you seen the episode, if so do you agree with the above or do you have another opinion? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

To see the full reviews of the episode from each site you can find them by:

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