Powerless: Valentines Day Special | 5 Things To Look Forward To

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Powerless, the DC comedy aired by NBC, has released its promo trailer for the valentines day special episode, we took a look and from it came up with our, Powerless: Valentines Day Special | 5 Things To Look Forward To.


Warning this article may contain spoilers. If you wish to watch the upcoming episode without anything being spoilt then stop reading now. For those that are unfamiliar with Powerless, you can visit our, Powerless: 9 Things We Know So Far, article to get up to speed by clicking here.


1: Lucy Is Dating

Looks like Lucy is starting to get the hang of balancing her work life and social life as it appears that she has been dating and not for only a few days, but for several weeks now.

So, who is this mystery man and how did they meet?


2: Bad Boyfriend Choice

Lucy’s choice of a boyfriend looks to be getting her in trouble as she has not only gone and dated one of the Riddlers Henchmen.

So how did this occur? Did this henchman seek out Lucy intentionally or did this all occur just by chance?


3: Wayne Security Captured

Looks like Lucy and her team at Wayne security are held captive as the Riddlers Henchmen capture the facility.

So what exactly are they looking for at Wayne Security and what will happen to Lucy and her team?


4: He Could Have Been Mr Right

Lucy’s questionable choice of a boyfriend could have worked out if it was maybe a different time and a different place as he says during the promo trailer:

“I really do like you”

“I’m just really focused on my career right now”

So will this relationship be saved or, after it’s over will the relationship also be over?


5: Jackie Is Still The Sarcastic One

Jackie, the executive assistant to Van Wayne, was a big talking point in episode one, mainly for her sarcasm, and it looks like she is still just as sarcastic in the special episode when talking to Lucy’s boyfriend.

So what will happen? Will he respond in an equally sarcastic response or will the series take a dark turn and punish her?


That’s us for Powerless: Valentines Day Special | 5 Things To Look Forward To.

What did you think of our list? Did we miss anything out that you think should have been there? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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Powerless airs on Thursday night on NBC.

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