Prue Halliwell: Best Charmed Sister

Why Prue Is and Always Will Be My Favourite Charmed Sister

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Charmed may be off the screens now, but talk about the show has recently picked up. That’s CW for announcing that there would be a (not so much) reboot of the show.

It made me think about what I loved about Charmed. I had a chance to reminisce with friends about the storylines and the characters. More importantly, the debate of the best Charmed sister was brought up.

Like with so many other shows, there are certain characters that we gravitate towards in Charmed. For me, it was always Prue and Piper Halliwell. While Phoebe and Paige had their own merits, Prue and Piper were my favourite two and between them, Prue was my number one favourite. I hated the fact that she was the one to die in Season 3.

Now, I know that there are a lot of Charmed fans who didn’t like Prue. I think the personality traits that I loved were the ones that others hate. But here’s a look at just why she is and always will be my favourite Charmed sister.

She’s the Big Sister Like Me

I know this sounds childish hearing it at first, but Prue being the eldest sister like me helped me to gravitate towards her more. Sure, I only had one baby sister, but I could still relate to feelings that Prue had. Losing her mum at a young age wasn’t just the reason for Prue to be so protective of her sisters. I’ve been like that with my own sister all my life.

There were stories that I could instantly relate to. And she made it clear that being a big sister didn’t mean constantly babying others. I learned along with her about sisterhood, relationships, and being a strong woman.

She Wasn’t Afraid to Speak Her Mind

I love strong women on TV. They make it very clear that we don’t need to wait for a man to save us—something that once seemed to be drilled into us time and time again.

Prue was never to stand up against those who tried to put her in her place. She was a strong, independent, and career-minded woman and wasn’t ashamed of that. At 16 when I was still trying to find myself and my way, this was just the character role model that I needed. Prue was the woman that I strived to be, albeit in a different area of business.

She didn’t need a man around to help her, although she didn’t say no when one came along. It was clear that she was happy to be single or with a good guy—and she liked the dark side from some guys. Again, at 16, this was the role model that I needed.

She Had the Best Power

When Charmed started, it was always about the three basic powers. Prue had telekinesis, Piper had the power to freeze, and Phoebe had premonitions. Out of the three of them, Prue was the one that I wanted to be. I wanted her powers.

There was something more badass about her powers. And she was able to control her powers so quickly, with some excellent opportunities to expand that telekinesis into something greater. Her astral projection was cool, but nothing really beat the telekinesis for me.

Prue is and always will be my favourite Charmed sister. Now I know that there was behind the scene drama, but really why did Prue have to be the one that died?

Which was your favourite Charmed sister? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know!


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