Released Video Reveals How Disney Pixar Movies Connect

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Disney Pixar has gone and made it easy for fans by releasing a new video online showing how all of the Disney Pixar Movies connect together.

A video, released on the Toy Story Facebook page, has gone and made it easy to discover how the movies connect. It has always been well a known fact, however never confirmed, that the filmmakers slip in some nice little Easter eggs that are related from the other movies and it is up to us as fans to find them.

Some of the Easter eggs are relatively easy to find as they are in plain sight, but others are not so easy. It can be both frustrating and fun to try and spot them and for those who have wanted the easy way out you could easily make your way to YouTube, where many videos that have been created by some hard-working fans showing you where these Easter eggs have been placed.

Despite all the videos made by fans, it has always been classed as speculation that the movies connect as the creators have never come out and confirmed it. This newly released video is the first time that the creators of the movies have admitted that they all connect together in some creatively interwoven way, and the video posted shows how a large amount of them link together and is, therefore, firm proof that they connect in some way.

The video is beautifully put together and can be viewed below. Disney Pixar’s next movie release is Cars 3, which is due to hit theatres this summer along with The Incredibles 2 in 2018 and Toy Story 4 in 2019.

What do you think of this video? Have you seen it? What was your favourite connection? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to stay up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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