Spaceballs Funny Moments

‘Spaceballs’ 11 Funny Moments

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Spaceballs, the mash-up science fiction parody has stood the test of time and is a firm movie favourite amongst many.

Created in 1987 the parody of the original Star Wars trilogy, Star Terk, Planet of the Apes and other movies starred Bill Pullman, John Candy and Rick Moranis.

Today I take look at some of Spaceballs funniest moments that helped make this late 80’s movie a cult classic.

1) Spaceballs 2 Hints

While this never came to be it was a funny moment within the movie at the hintS they were dropping at trying to get a sequel confirmed.

Lone Starr: I wonder, will we ever see each other again?
Yogurt: Who knows? God willing, we’ll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.

Spaceballs Funny Moments Yogurt

2) Escape Pod Moment

The build up to this moment alone was just a genius move. Watching Clowns, Pizza Delivery Guys, Bears and much more be included in the crew was great and the music to accompany was even better.

Of course, it was only when Darth Helmet, Colonel Sanders, The President and one escape pod left did we get the best moment.

President Skroob: One pod left and three of us and I’m the President. Well, boys, it’s a very lovely ship. I think you should go down with it.

Of course, that backfired on him as he was sharing his pod with a bear.


3) Great Helmet

Spaceballs was filled with sexual innuendoes throughout that just went right over my head when I watched this for the first time as a kid but I do remember my dad choking on his beer when this was said.

Dark Helmet: I bet she gives great helmet.


4) The Presidents Confession

President Skroob: Sandurz, Sandurz. You got to help me. I don’t know what to do. I can’t make decisions. I’m a president!

Pretty certain every President should admit.


5) The Vulcan Neck Grip

Ah, the famous attack of Spock that every one of us has tried and failed to perform. Of course, Spaceballs had to have this in somewhere and they even went the extra mile.

Megamaid Guard: What the hell are you doing?
Lone Starr: The Vulcan neck pinch?
Megamaid Guard: No, no, no, stupid, you’ve got it much too high. It’s down here where the shoulder meets the neck.
[Lone Star changes hand position]
Lone Starr: Like this?
Megamaid Guard: Yeah!
[guard falls to the ground]
Lone Starr: Thanks.


6) Comparing Their Schwartz

Ah yes, another moment that I didn’t understand when I was young. Of course, if you did get it the first time you couldn’t help but just laugh when it was said.

Dark Helmet: You have the ring, and I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let’s see how well you handle it.

Spaceballs Funny Moments The Schwartz

7) The Virgin Alarm

An awkward moment when kids were in the room and they asked what a virgin is but that aside this was one of the best moments in the movie.

Lone Starr: What the hell was that noise?
Dot Matrix: That was my virgin-alarm. It’s programmed to go off before you do!


8) Caught Playing With Dolls

Getting caught doing something you don’t want people to know about is a fear of many but it’s funny when your, not the one getting caught and this was no exception when Dark Helmet was caught.

Col. Sandurz: Lord Helmet!

Dark Helmet: WHAT?! [hides his dolls]

Dark Helmet: What?

Col. Sandurz: We need you, sir!


Dark Helmet: Knock on my door next time!

Col. Sandurz: Yes sir!

Dark Helmet: Did you see anything?

Col. Sandurz: No sir, I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again!

Dark Helmet: Good!


9) The Gunner

Your gunner is firing away and his aim is terrible. What could possibly be causing the problem?

Spaceballs Funny Moments Gunner

Dark Helmet: Who made that man a gunner?

Maj. Asshole: I did, sir! He’s my cousin.

Dark Helmet: Who is he?

Col. Sandurz: He’s an Asshole, sir.

Dark Helmet: I know that! What’s his name?

Col. Sandurz: That is his name, sir. Asshole. Major Asshole.

Dark Helmet: And his cousin?

Col. Sandurz: He’s an Asshole, too, sir. Gunner’s made first class Phillip Asshole.

Dark Helmet: How many Asshole’s we got on this ship, anyhow? [All Asshole’s stand up and shout “YO!”]

Dark Helmet: I knew it, I’m surrounded by Asshole’s. [Dark Helmet pulls down mask.] Keep firing, Asshole’s!


10) I Am Your…….

The most famous scene from Star Wars made it into the movie and like the original trilogy became one of the best moments in Spaceballs.

Dark Helmet: Lone Starr, I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.

Lone Starr: What does that make us?

Dark Helmet: Absolutely Nothing!


11) The Bleeps, The Sweeps and The Creeps

I loved this part I could easily watch this bit over and over again and I wouldn’t get bored.

Radar Technician: I’m having trouble with the radar, sir.
Dark Helmet: What’s wrong with it?
Radar Technician: I’ve lost the bleeps, I’ve lost the sweeps, and I’ve lost the creeps.
Dark Helmet: The what?
Colonel Sandurz: The what?
Dark Helmet: And the what?
Radar Technician: You know. The bleeps.
[makes bleep sound effect, making a ripple motion with his fingers]
Radar Technician: The sweeps.
[makes sweep sound. Quivers his face while doing it]
Radar Technician: And the creeps.
[makes creep sound, making little movements with his fingers]
Dark Helmet: [to Colonel Sandurz] That’s not all he’s lost.

Spaceballs Funny Moments Radar


So that’s its everyone. Truth be told I could keep going on and on. In fact, I could probably quote you the entire movie but I will leave it there for now.

What did you think? What was your favourite part of Spaceballs? Leave me a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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