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Supernatural: ‘First Blood’ Has Major Plot Hole

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Supernatural returned from its midseason break last night, January 26th, on the CW show and while we were certainly happy to see Sam and Dean back on our screens we couldn’t help but notice a giant plot hole in its latest episode ‘First Blood’.

Before we begin please be aware that we are going to discuss the latest episode in some depth, therefore, if you have not seen it and don’t want any spoilers you should stop reading now and come back later.

#Supernatural #SupernaturalFirstBlood

The Recap

So, a quick reminder of the episode, if the episode is still fresh in your memory then feel free to scroll down to ‘The Plot Hole’ part of the article. ‘First Blood’ resumes from where the mid-season finale finished. Sam and Dean have both been arrested for the attempted assassination of the US President and we see them both being held in captivity. They are both in their own individual cells suffering a form of psychological torture, as they unable to communicate with anyone and are left with only their own thoughts in the dark.

Meanwhile, Castiel is trying to get the Winchesters back but is making little to no progress. Even Crowley does not have any contacts able to get them out. We also see Castiel attempting to fill the gap of Sam and Dean by hunting, but, is even less successful in that endeavour, something which affects him deeply.

Mary Winchester is back in Lawrence until Castiel tells her what has happened where she then helps out in both hunting and getting the brothers back.

#Supernatural #SupernaturalFirstBlood

Jump forward several months later and both Sam and Dean are still in captivity and are no further in getting out. Then one day a guard discovers both Sam and Dean lying dead in their cells. Of course, they are not really dead, it is all part of a grand plan and they escape captivity. They contact Castiel and arrange for them to meet at a set location and then flee into the forest.

Queue lots of running and chasing and eluding capture Sam and Dean eventually get away and meet up with Castiel and Mary who had the help from the ‘Men of Letters British Branch’.

We next see Sam and Dean confess how they were able to pull off this escape, enter Billie the Reaper. They then explain that in order for this deal to work a Winchester would have to die. Tense moments then proceed as we wonder which brother will sacrifice himself. All of a sudden Mary offers her life instead and is about to kill herself when Castiel suddenly thrusts an angel blade into Billie breaking the deal.

Castiel then delivers a powerful speech of why the Winchesters must live and how they are needed, reflected perfectly from his earlier failures when hunting. The episode comes to an end and we are left wondering what consequences will happen from breaking the reapers deal.

So there you go a quick recap of ‘First Blood’. Now, the plot hole.

The Plothole

Quite simply, the deal. The deal would never have happened. Billie would never have agreed to it and because of this, it creates a massive hole in the episode.

Don’t get us wrong the end result was pulled off really well, you were left guessing all the way through how they pulled this off, to suddenly thinking this is how Mary Winchester was being killed off, then to the heartbreaking moment from Castiel, hats off to Misha Collins for that performance.

#Supernatural #SupernaturalFirstBlood

First of all, why did Sam agree to the plan? We honestly cannot see Billie turning up and saying “Hi, just spoke to Dean next door, made a deal to allow you both to die so you will then be taken out of these cells, you will then both come back so you can make your escape, but, once you do escape one of you will die again and come back with me. Oh and by the way forget about how I said there would be no more do-overs when you die because I’m feeling generous today. Ok, good, you got it? So go ahead and kill yourself, please trust me”

There is absolutely no way he would have listened to Billie. Sam would have been suspicious from the start and unlikely to agree to any deal.

The only way they would have agreed to this plan would have been if they communicated with one another. The problem with that however is, as we said earlier, they are unable to get to each other.

But let’s just assume that convincing Sam was easy. It’s not like Reapers are in the business of lying like demons. The biggest issue, why did Billie agree to the deal at all? What was in it for her? She has always said that she doesn’t care about the brothers fighting monsters. As a reaper, she just wants to do her job and that is to reap the souls of the dead.

While calling in Billie was a genius for the writers, we really need that major plothole explained. There was clearly a reason and maybe it is that Billie would be guaranteed a Winchester at the end of it–the reason she made sure the pact was bound in blood–but the reasoning just wasn’t explained.

We are really sorry to rant like this, we are massive Supernatural fans here, but, when we watched this episode we couldn’t help but just laugh at this major plot hole.

So what do you think? Do you agree with us or do you have another view? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget you can follow us to stay up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns.

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