“Supernatural” Who Will Save The Winchesters?

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Supernatural entered its mid-season break last week and has left us with one big question. How are the Winchesters going to get out of this mess?

At the end of last week’s episode, “Lotus”, Sam and Dean appear to have landed themselves in their biggest mess yet. (For those that have not watched the episode now is the time to either; A) Go watch the episode and come back, or, B) Read on but do not complain if things are spoiled for you.) The brothers ended up being arrested for the attempted assassination of the US President and we last saw the two brothers chained and shackled inside a heavily armoured van being driven to who knows where – we suspect Guantanamo Bay. With the next episode not due to air until the end of January 2017 we now have over a month to speculate what will happen next.

This is of course not the first time the brothers have been arrested. Who can forget the earlier episodes when we would see the brothers frequently end up in the local sheriff’s jail cell. Or the many times they evaded the FBI before their deaths were faked. They even ended up in prison once, albeit they did end up there on purpose to due to a vengeful spirit in the prison. This time, however, is much different as this is no small thing they are being accused of.

So how will they escape this time?

Castiel would be an obvious choice to come in and save the day. He should have no problems dealing with the many guards, guns, cell doors, high walls considering he is an angel. He can just poof in and out. Problem is, we last saw him losing the whereabouts of Kelly, who is knowingly carrying and wanting to keep the spawn of Lucifer, no doubt he will be a bit distracted trying to handle that tiny issue.

Crowley, of course, is another obvious option. Like Castiel, he should have no issue handling anything thrown at him as being the King of Hell tends to limit your problems us mere mortals face. He can also just poof in and out. This, however, is highly unlikely as we are certain Crowley would like nothing more than the Winchesters locked away and out of the way. We also expect Crowley will be worked into the Spawn of Lucifer storyline so no doubt will be just as busy as Castiel to worry about anything else.

So what options are left? Mary Winchester? God? Amara? An unknown hunter we have not seen?

The obvious choice is clearly the Men of Letters UK branch. They were once again brought to our attention during the mid-season finale and they need a reason to be relevant in the remaining season. Our suspicion is that they will be the ones to come to Sam and Dean’s aid in a bid to get them on board with this whole UK/US team up thing.

So what do you think will happen? Do you agree with our thoughts? Or do you think something else will happen? Leave a comment below to let us know your opinion.

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