The Institute Official Trailer

‘The Institute’ | Official Trailer | You Wouldn’t Want This Sort Of Doctor

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I hope none of you has a Doctor the likes of James Franco, as the official trailer of The Institute shows us the disturbing type of treatment you can expect from such a man.

This psychological thriller stars Franco as Dr. Cairnes who works in the Rosewood Institute centre where he practices his very unorthodox and questionable medical techniques.


The Institute Official Trailer


Set in 19th Century Baltimore the 2-minute long trailer opens up with our main character Isabel Porter, played by Allie Gallerani. She voluntarily checks herself into the facility due to being stricken with grief over the parent’s sudden death.

She, unfortunately, becomes Dr. Cairnes latest patient where he explains to her that:


“I can give you the freedom you desire,”

“but you will need to trust my methods – unorthodox though they may seem”

The trailer then goes on to share small glimpses of the ‘methods’ he performs which first involves pain, which he describes as:


“The most primitive of feelings,”

Things then start to get worse as the treatments get upgraded to an even more ‘unorthodox’ methods involving personality modification, brainwashing and even mind control.

The ending scenes of the trailer look as though Porter may have been able to escape the clutches of Dr. Cairnes and the Rosewood Institute and tends to seek revenge on those that did her harm.

Relations and comparisons to Leonardo DiCaprio Shutter Island can be made in terms of the look and feel to the movie as all does not appear to be as it seems.

Franco also co-directed the movie alongside fellow director Pamela Romanowsky. Other cast members include Lori Singer, Tim Blake Nelson, Pamela Anderson andEric Roberts.

The Institute is scheduled for release later this year on March 3rd.

What do you think of the trailer? What was your favourite moment? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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