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‘The Mummy’ 9 Things You Should Know Before Calling It A “Flop”

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The reboot of The Mummy franchise has been out in theatres for just short of a week now and it’s fair to say it is taking some heavy flak from some critics.

However, before you go writing it off, we have put together some key points for you to consider. Every movie has it’s good and bad bits and we have outlined them all below to help you decide if The Mummy is a flop or not.


1) The Performance

Is actually pretty good, Tom Cruise gave a very solid performance as Nick Morton and always with his endeavour to go all out in his stunt work resulted in some really good performances.

Sofia Boutella who played The Mummy gave a great performance as did Annabelle Wallis who played Jenny.


2) The Timing

Was dreadful, whoever decided it was a great idea to release this movie on the weekend straight after Wonder Woman is insane.

Now I am not saying that it is entirely all Wonder Woman’s fault that The Mummy is being considered a flop but, come on, if you have the choice between the two who are you honestly going to see.

Wonder Woman or The Mummy?

Even if the reviews were amazing for The Mummy I would probably still choose Wonder Woman.

After all The Mummy is at the end of the day a reboot and kinda unnecessary whereas Wonder Woman, yes we have had lots of superhero movies already I release that, has been called for by fans for years now.

The Mummy


3) The Action Scenes

A high point for the movie, this was mainly down to Tom Cruise and his willingness to go all out when it comes to stunt shots and actions scenes.

However, efforts of Cruise aside, these were all put together really well and gave us a high octane, exciting experience while watching. The plane scene, which you may have noticed in the trailer, was excellent and other scenes throughout the rest of the movie were just as good.


4) The Effects

Another tick in the positive box here. The effects were done well and if you compare it to past The Mummy movies then it is beyond belief.

To be honest that is a little unfair considering how long ago those movies where made but if you haven’t seen The Mummy Returns then go and watch it and wait until The Rock appears as the Scorpion King at the end of the movie and you will know what I am comparing it to.


5) The Trailers

This was not so good. I can’t deny, I was confused by the trailers, there were just mixed signals being sent.

I honestly couldn’t really tell what this movie was about exactly. I wasn’t sure if it was a horror movie or an action movie or something else entirely and because of this, I don’t think it helped build up any interest.

Interest in this movie was already low. A whole host of reasons can be said why nobody appeared interested in this but a trailer is supposed to gather interest and it failed to do just that.


6) The Screenplay

Do you know how many people were involved in writing this movie?

Six. Six people were involved in writing the screenplay for this, and it showed.

There were some good moments in it, plenty of funny jokes and all but put that all aside it was fairly obvious by the fact that the screenplay really didn’t gel well together, it didn’t flow.

You could easily take out bits of this movie and say that was my favourite line for example but the entire screenplay as a whole didn’t really work and that could not have been helped by having so many writers.

Why on earth did they need that many anyway?

The Mummy Review


7) Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe

This was actually one of my favourite parts of the movie.

For those unaware, this was the first time that Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe had worked together on screen.

I already mentioned at the start that the performances were great and this was no exception I just felt this deserved its own point.

It was like watching two heavyweight champion boxers go head to head but in acting. Both gave terrific performances and worked well with one another, it is certainly one of the high points of the movie.


8) Jenny

This bugged me, a lot. Jenny was just an unnecessary character. She was that damsel in distress that needs saving every other minute of the movie, and that’s about it.

There was really no need for her.

To give credit where its due this is no fault to the actress Annabelle Wallis I have liked many of her past roles, The Tudors and Peaky Blinders, for example,  this was a screenplay issue.

To make it worse and to tie in with the whole timing point, to have this type of role portrayed straight after the Wonder Woman movie where we had a strong, powerful, female character was disappointing.


9) Setup Movie

If you didn’t already know about it then surprise, The Mummy is a setup for a ‘Dark Universe’ franchise, similar to Marvel and DC universe, except this involves monsters such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

The problem is they focused so much on setting up the future movies that they completely forgot about this one.

There was just so much setup nonsense going on that I actually forgot that I was a Mummy movie.

It honestly felt like the structure of the movie was ‘Action Scene’, ‘Setup’, ‘Action Scene’, ‘Explanation For Setup’, ‘Action Scene’ etc

It took the focus away from the movie and I do realise that this was a core point of The Mummy but it really was done poorly.


What Do You Think?

So there you have it, everyone. What do you think? Do you think its a flop or like me do you think it’s just a ‘meh’ type movie with both its good and bad points?

Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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  1. I agree with you on those points and another point they should have included Brendan Frasier to be in the movie fans had been upset that he was not included, and there are people that simply do not like Tom Cruise.

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