The TV Series That Should Not Continue You Didn’t Know About

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With TV series coming and going like clothes in and out fashion, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on what to tune into. 2016 was another bumper year for TV series and 2017 is showing real promise already. Sadly some shows will not continue this year and some will continue even though they shouldn’t. But what TV show should come to an end?  “Frequency” was one of our top picks for the newest TV show of 2016, however, is our choice for the show that should come to an end this year.

An American science fiction drama “Frequency” is about police detective Julie Sullivan who is able to communicate via radio with her father who died twenty years ago. Her father’s death is averted in the opening episode however Julie’s present timeline is unintentionally altered as a result. Due to this change of events, she finds that her mother was murdered by a serial killer that she is now in charge of catching. Desperate to prevent this from becoming permanent Julie and her father work together from different periods of time to apprehend the killer before her mother is murdered.

So far we have been thoroughly impressed with the TV series, hence, one of our favourite 2016 TV shows. The show’s plot could have been unnecessarily complicated with the whole time travel via radio business; however, by focusing more on the detective work rather than the time travel it has become a much more interesting drama. That’s not to say it has ignored the issue, the plot has covered how this phenomenon is possible with relatively simple explanations and has touched on how dangerous it can be to alter the past as it could affect the present. All of this, thankfully, has not become the main plot of the show.

Upon writing this article the season has not yet been completed and there are more episodes to air on the CW network with the finale at the end of January 2017. Confirmation of whether the show will end or if it will be renewed for a second season is still to be seen.

So why do we think it should not be renewed for a second season? Well, it’s because, in our opinion, that the finale will either end with them catching the killer and saving Julie’s mother, which of course would be a happy conclusion, but it would bring an end to the original storyline. So if that was to happen to carry it on to the second season would most likely require a brand new story which would, in turn, devalue the first season as there would be no clear connection between them. Another possible finale ending is that they don’t catch the killer and they continue the hunt into the second season, therefore dragging the series out and eventually making it become a drawn out and dull.

The best outcome we think is to go with the first scenario we discussed and to then stop filming and not to renew it for a second season. The TV show is really good we cannot stress that enough but it really is a one season show. Making it go into a second season will just ruining all the good work they have done already.

What do you think? Have you seen the show, if so do you think it should go into another season or like us think it should just end on a high? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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