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‘The Vampire Diaries’ | Series Finale | Elena WILL Appear

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Fans of The Vampire Diaries will be happy to hear that it’s confirmed that the series finale WILL feature Elena.

A 10-second teaser, released by CW, for the upcoming episode has confirmed that Elena will feature after several months of speculation and suspicion.



It was way back in July last year, after the announcement that The Vampire Diaries would end after Season 8, that fans wondered whether or not Nina Dobrev would return as either Elena or Katherine.

It was only just last month that confirmation was made that Dobrev would feature in the series finale.

Who she would return as has remained unclear but this teaser trailer has officially set the record straight over who she will return as.

It was, of course, possible for either character to return with the current storyline as it’s believed that Katherine was dragged to hell in Season 5 and considering this storyline features hell, it was entirely possible for her to return.

In terms of Elena, she is currently in a Sleeping Beauty style sleep unable to wake while Bonnie is alive.

Now we know that Elena is the one, the question that needs to be answered is how?

How will she awaken?

The curse in its entirety is that while Bonnie is alive she cannot awaken. If Bonnie looks for a way around the curse then Elena dies.

Pretty much one of them dies.

So is that the fate of Bonnie? Is she to die so Elena can return?

Well, maybe not as last week we witnessed Kai return after a way to supposedly kill Cade. In promo trailer for this week’s episode, we can hear him offering Damon the chance of getting Elena back.

So does Kai hold the answer to getting Elena back without anyone biting the bullet?

The Vampire Diaries returns this Friday on CW.

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