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‘Timeless’ Season 2: 10 Questions We Need Answering

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While Timeless Season 2 isn’t yet confirmed, we believe NBC should renew it. There is a strong case for bringing it back for another year, even if that is just to give it a second chance. The Season 1 finale was left with some major cliffhangers, which is the Eric Kripke way. If you’re Supernatural fans like us, you were expecting a cliffhanger anyway.

But now we have a lot of questions. More importantly, we have these 10 questions that we need Timeless Season 2 to answer.

#1. What Exactly Happened to Jiya?

It was clear that the warnings about not sending more than three people in the lifeboat were going to end with some crazy side effects. Jiya collapsed while in the past and needed hospital treatment—not that the hospital knew exactly what was wrong with her.

While in the hospital, Jiya’s eyes rolled back and she saw a flash of the Golden Gate Bridge either being built or in ruins. Was this a flash of the future or was it a flash of the past?

We believe it’s a look of the future should Rittenhouse get their hands on the time machine in the way that they’ve wanted it. However, the bridge did look very much like one of the images from the past. Of course, this could have just been conveniently used for filming purposes but it could also be a hint of where our time travelling heroes will go next.

More importantly, what does it mean about Jiya? Will she be able to see events from the past and future without actually having to travel? Will she be able to tell our heroes where to go next? If the show doesn’t get another season, can Kripke please answer our questions about Jiya at least?

#2. Will Flynn Ever Escape?

This cannot be the end of Flynn can it?

We have to admit that we really liked his character. It was clear from the start that he wouldn’t be the bad guy. At least, not the straight-forward bad guy. He was willing to change everything without any thought for the losses of lives, as long as he got his family back. However, it was all because of everything Rittenhouse had done. And he knew that he wasn’t the only one to suffer at the hands of Rittenhouse.

But now he’s been taken away to some prison cell. It’s never good when Homeland Security has you in lockup. He also believes Lucy betrayed him.

Will this be the end of his character or is he plotting revenge? Could he be an unlikely ally to Rufus and Wyatt in Timeless Season 2?

#3. Will Lucy’s Mom Convince Her Daughter to Take Up Her Birth Right?

From the very beginning we have been on Lucy’s side. While she knew it would mean losing her mom, we all wanted her to get her sister back. Now it looks like this will never happen, especially after the shocking twist of Lucy’s mom being a member of Rittenhouse!

This was one of Kripke’s twists that he had from the very beginning. There were no real hints along the way, but that may have been because we were so focused on Lucy’s dad and the things that Rittenhouse wanted to do with the time machine. It was a well-thought out twist, but now we need to know where it goes.

Will Lucy’s mom stop Lucy from trying to get her sister back? Will she convince Lucy that everything Rittenhouse wants to do is for the good of the country? Will Lucy switch sides and break up the team?

#Timeless #RenewTimeless #TimelessSeason2

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#4. Will Wyatt Ever Get His Wife Back?

Is Wyatt destined to be alone? For the whole season, Wyatt tried so hard to get his wife back. He sent telegrams to the future and even killed the father of the man who he believed murdered her. Unfortunately, he had bad intel and Jessica was still killed.

It all seems like everything Wyatt has tried to do has been for nothing. He even became a fugitive just to get his wife back.

Will he eventually succeed or has he decided to give up? He knows he crossed a line killing someone in the past and has no idea what that will change apart from saving the lives of three women. Will the guilt make him try to make other changes to set things right?

#5. Will Lucy Ever Get Her Sister Back?

It is possible that Lucy will still decide losing her mom is worth getting her sister and best friend back. She’s spent the whole season trying to reverse the damage that preventing the Hindenburg disaster caused. One family secret out in the open isn’t going to make her change her mind.

But getting her sister back has never been easy. It won’t be easy moving forward, especially if Rittenhouse works against them.

Is Lucy’s sister destined to be lost in the torn fabrics of time?

#6. Will Lucy Now Start Writing Her Diary?

There were a few continuity errors we spotted with Timeless Season 1 and the diary. The way it was written made it look like Lucy had already started writing it. There was a passage that Flynn read to Wyatt that made it sound like it had been written around the time of the first season. However, Lucy has only just been given the notebook to start taking her notes.

Will we see her write out the diary now? If so, that means she still needs to meet Flynn to give it to him at some point. That should answer our question above that Flynn’s journey isn’t completely over and he knows to trust Lucy at some point in their future.

#7. Where Will They Visit Next?

Every week, we looked forward to the time period our travellers would go to. It wasn’t about the main events, but about how slight changes could affect the lives of the three travellers and the futures for everyone.

There are just so many points in history that it’s hard to guess where Kripke would take the trio next. It’s likely that San Francisco will be used, considering Jiya’s vision, but what about the rest of the season?

We could look at the promotional poster for ideas. The Season 1 promo poster showed Pearl Harbour and other events that weren’t used in Timeless Season 1. Will the second season pick up these events instead?

#Timeless #RenewTimeless #TimelessSeason2

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#8. How Does Emma Fit Into It All

Emma is one crafty character. We did guess that she would have a deeper part to play in the Rittenhouse drama, but we weren’t sure whose side she was on. In fact, we’re still uncertain.

Right now she’s on Rittenhouse’s side, but is it possible that she’s playing the game to survive? She knows what Rittenhouse is capable of. That was why she remained in the past, despite it being nothing she was used to.

Very little has been shared about Emma. Could Season 2 be about her and what she wants to gain from all this? Will it turn out that she has a Rittenhouse birthright, too?

#9. Why Does Rittenhouse Want the Time Machine?

There have been some suggestions over Rittenhouse’s needs, but we’ve never actually had confirmation. Lucy and others worry that Rittenhouse will go back and change history, but is there really anything in history to change? Could Rittenhouse want it for something more deadly?

Knowing the future would be extremely helpful to the secret organisation. They could change events now to make sure things didn’t change in the future.

Of course, their initial plan has been damaged. Members of Rittenhouse are being arrested, so it is possible that Emma will now go back and undo some of the damage Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus caused them.

But we really want to know what Rittenhouse’s plan has been all along. Are they really the true bad guys of the whole show?

#10. Just How Confusing Will ‘Timeless’ Season 2 Get?

We admit to having worries about time travelling shows. There are times that time travelling gets messy. If you’ve watched Charmed then you’ll understand our reference to needing aspirin to deal with the headaches that form.

Anyway, Timeless Season 1 kept the time travel and changes simplified. This may have been due to the one rule of not going to your own timeline. By keeping their past or future selves out of the equation, Lucy and co. wouldn’t ruin anything for themselves. Of course, it cause a problem for Wyatt, who just wanted to save his wife, but for the most part it kept things simple.

The trio never went back to an event to try and change it back, either. There was no risk of making a bigger mess than had already occurred. And there wasn’t a big focus on how one change of events affected a whole timeline. We got a glimpse of some of the changes, but they were actually mostly about the news that happened around the time that our travelling heroes were there.

The only major change was at the very beginning, when Lucy lost her sister.

There have been hints of their future selves here and there, but nothing major. This could change with Timeless Season 2. If Rittenhouse really wants to change the past, things could be altered completely in the future.

Will the show we know right now completely lose its meaning? We hope not, because we’ve enjoy time travel without too much of a headache.

What are your questions now that Timeless Season 1 is over? What do you really want to see Timeless Season 2 answer? Share in the comments below!


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  1. Will Lucy and Wyatt have a budding future…. Say if Wyatt — that nothing can be done to ever get his wife back…. what about the last lines he was saying to Lucy before they were interrupted?

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