Timeless Season 2: 7 Positive Signs #RenewTimeless Will Be Successful

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Are you hoping for Timeless Season 2? There are many tweeting #RenewTimeless in the hope that NBC will listen. While the network hasn’t said the show will be renewed, it also hasn’t cancelled it yet.

We think that there is hope. There are some major positive signs that #RenewTimeless will be successful and we will get Timeless Season 2 in the fall. Here are the seven positive signs that we’ve noticed.

#1. The Show has the Backing of Celebrities

We’re not just talking about the main cast of the show. Other celebrities have already shown interest in the time-travel program. Most notably, William Shatner of Star Trek fame continually tweets about the program when it’s one.

Some of the other celebrities that have tweeted in support of the show include Misha Collins, Terry Matalas, and Jensen Ackles. Ackles even took to a convention to encourage fans to keep watching Timeless in support of it. Like his show Supernatural, Timeless is a bubble show and will only succeed if fans push for it.

Leslie Jones took to Twitter to say that she would have her assistant turn the TV on for her on Mondays in time for Timeless just to help the ratings. And she wanted others to do it too, even if they didn’t plan on watching it live!

If a show gets plenty of celebrity backing, that has to be a good thing right? Well, if that’s enough keep reading!

#2. At Least ‘Timeless’ Got a Full Season!

Time travel and history shows are popular in this house. We’ve seen the whole of The Tudors on more than one occasion, love watching Reign (even if it isn’t historically accurate) and enjoyed The White Queen. It should be that surprising that we tuned into both Timeless and Time After Time.

Both new shows, they both had one major difference: Timeless got to air the whole of its first season. In fact, NBC ordered an extra three episodes part way through the pilot season, showing how much it liked it.

Time After Time was cancelled after just four weeks on air! NBC made it clear that it didn’t support the show at all.

Even though Timeless came back from its winter break with a 25% drop in the ratings, NBC continued to keep it on the air and let it finish off its season. And the ratings did go up a little.

#3. The Fans Are Committed to the Program

Have you checked out the #RenewTimeless hashtag yet? We want NBC to check it out because it will show just how many people want to see Timeless Season 2.

The fans are committed to this program returning. They’re hosting rewatch parties, encouraging others to use the hashtag #RenewTimeless while tweeting about the episodes they’re rewatching. This hashtag is used on an hourly basis by fans.


Live ratings are an old method of seeing how popular a show is. If the network wanted another way to see if fans want the show, Twitter is a good place to start.

#4. Only the Ratings Are a Problem

Okay, so this is a big problem. Live ratings are still the number one way for networks to decide if a show is viable. There are some serious limitations to the ratings though. They’re only calculated from those with Neilson boxes. So there are literally hundreds of thousands of viewers not being accounted for.

AND they only count the LIVE ratings. Lives are hectic. There’s no need to watch live anymore. We like to DVR and watch on playback. Surely those types of ratings need to be considered.

As well as that, the ratings only take the US audiences into account. We don’t count because we live in Canada. Our UK friends don’t count because they’re in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and all the other islands connected to the UK. There are millions of viewers around the world who watch it week after week but aren’t considered important enough for the networks.

The actual international numbers are strong. NBC should look at that to see the financial possibilities before even thinking about cancelling the program.

Oh and maybe look at Twitter during the hour. Some networks are now looking at Twitter for the hour before an episode airs and three hours after it airs. Using #Timeless during these periods told the network that people were watching.

In short, it’s only the live ratings that are a problem. If NBC thinks with modern technology in mind, Timeless Season 2 is safe.

#5. This Wasn’t Planned for One Season

Did you know the very end of the Timeless Season 1 finale was planned from the very beginning? We don’t want to say what that was in case you’re waiting for Netflix to add it to its streaming service to catch it all, but the ending was planned right at the very start.

This is one thing about Eric Kripke. He knows how to foreshadow. He knows how to plan a show for more than a season. We just have to look at Supernatural for that. There were mentions in the first season of things that came up in Seasons 3, 4 and 5. After that things get iffy because Kripke left, but the first five seasons were planned out and weaved together.

The same can be said for Timeless. This was never planned for just one season. He and his writers thought ahead to make sure there was a story to tell for Timeless Season 2.

Kripke is going to pitch the second season to the network later this month. Let’s hope that NBC picks it up!

#6. Fans Want the POP! Dolls

Okay so this kind of links to the live ratings and financial possibilities for the show. It’s time for NBC to look at licensing and the merchandise that will be bought afterwards.

We’ve already seen this as a good thing for the future of Timeless. Little Pop Workshop has already created their own line of POP! doll replicas. People want them. They want to put their favourite characters up on their shelves. There is just so much potential for this show.

This has to show NBC that we want more Timeless!

#7. The Cast Is Passionate About Their Fan Base

There is one reason why shows succeed: the fans. But for the fans to feel connected to a show, they need to feel respected and wanted. Timeless is very much like Supernatural in the way that the fans have become a family. The Timeless cast is passionate about the fan base, to the point where they’re willing to travel around the country for conventions and to meet everyone.

They also regularly tweet to their fans, and not just to keep them in a job!

Just recently, the cast turned up at the Smithsonian to discuss one of the episodes that focused on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Of all the history shows on TV, Timeless has been one of the most historically accurate, while being entertaining. Okay, so the timelines change BUT there are initial history lessons. To make it to the Smithsonian for a panel is an amazing feat—and it’s not like the cast would have all had to agree to do this. They did it because they love their fans and the show.

There are so many reasons why Timeless Season 2 should be renewed. This is one of those shows that we just don’t know which way it will go. Let’s hope that Kripke has some amazing plans for Season 2 to convince NBC to give the show another shot! We think there are some positive signs to #RenewTimeless.

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