Timeless Season 2 Garcia Flynn

‘Timeless’ Season 2: What Lies Ahead For Garcia Flynn?

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Last week we took a look at Jiya and what may lie ahead for in season 2. This week we take a look at Garcia Flynn and what lies ahead for our supposed ‘villain’.

As a fresh reminder for all, we last saw Flynn, played by Goran Visnjic, being arrested after he secretly met with Lucy and agreed to hand over or destroy the Mother Ship after one last trip to bring his family back.

Flynn, believing he has been betrayed despite Lucy’s protesting and swearing she had nothing to do with it, is dragged away by Agent Christopher and that is the last we see of him.


Timeless Season 2 Garcia Flynn
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Is That It Then?

Well, let’s take a look at the evidence we have and decide if that is it for Garcia Flynn.

Shortly after the season finale Shawn Ryan conducted an interview with Deadline and had the following to say regarding Flynn;

“We wanted to bring Garcia Flynn’s journey to some kind of end, though I’m sure we’ll see more of him going forward.”

“Well, Goran was fantastic for us this season and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Garcia Flynn on the show, though obviously, his role would be different going forward.”

In an interview with TV Insider both Eric Kripke and Ryan said the following;

“We’ve been playing with the audience all year as to who really is the bad guy here, Flynn or the Rittenhouse people. Then it was they’re both bad and they both have to be stopped. In the finale, our heroes ended up teaming up with Flynn to stop Rittenhouse. In a season 2, we’d delve into who’s left in Rittenhouse after the purge that happens in the finale, what do they want and how do we stop them.”

“I will say that Goran was tremendous on the show this season, and if there’s a way to incorporate him into the season, we definitely will.”


What Does This Mean?

It means that we will 100% see Flynn return. Both Kripke and Ryan are clearly very happy with his performance on the show and his impression on fans.

The real question is how he will return?

His storyline for season 1 has ended, which is probably a good thing as I think everyone was starting to see that he wasn’t really a ‘villain’, so they are going to have to incorporate him into a different way now.


Again, What Does This Mean?

Basically, it means he is coming back but not the same as he was in season 1. He is no longer the villain, which we all thought anyway. He is going to come back in a way to help bring down the remaining Rittenhouse members.

Don’t forget that despite all the Rittenhouse members being arrested that they still control The Mothership and it’s most likely than not all the members were either identified or successfully arrested.

Right now Flynn is sitting in a cell somewhere wondering what went wrong. Most likely he will be temporally released to aid the team in stopping Rittenhouse.

He will become part of the team. I think.


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But What About His Family?

Ah now, this will be where things get interesting. Flynn’s entire motivation last season was on getting his family back and I don’t think that will have changed in the slightest.

Yes, Kripke and Ryan have both stated that his storyline has come to an end but I am pretty sure that meant the whole controlling the mother ship and causing carnage through time.

Most likely we will see a deal formed. Flynn will give his help in exchange for his family. It would be a bizarre move if they made his character forget about his family.


Timeless Season 2 Garcia Flynn

Image From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSYZJGAGvww

Are You Sure About All This?


Don’t get me wrong I am guessing on how he will be written into season 2 but I am 100% certain he will be back.

I was that sure before I even read the above interviews.

Why am I so sure? Simple answer really, The Diary.

Lucy’s diary that Flynn came into possession of. When did that happen? That question has not been answered and until that question is answered I am sure we will see plenty of Flynn in the future.


So What Do You Think?

So what do you think then? Do you think Flynn will be back and if so in what way?

Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

This concludes our second piece on our Timeless team and what lies ahead for them in Season 2. Next, up is Rufus so stay connected and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see when that comes out.


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