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‘Timeless’ | Season 2 | Why It Must Happen

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Season 1 of Timeless is soon to come to an end and one of the big questions being asked of the show is will Timeless season 2 happen?

#Timeless #TimelessSeason2

Currently, the NBC time travel drama is in the final episodes of its first season and fans are anxiously waiting to hear if the show will be renewed for a second season or not. Ultimately networks take a lot of factors into account when renewing shows but live viewer ratings are the main factor. Unfortunately Timeless has not faired too well in this area with the creator, Eric Kripke, taking to Twitter to urge fans to show their support by watching live.

Welcome to FanNews and today we will discuss why Timeless Season 2 must happen.

Live Viewer Ratings

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not live viewer ratings are the biggest factor and that is because, at the end of the day, it’s a business. Networks need viewers to watch live so they can then sell advertising and if a show doesn’t have the live viewer numbers then it gets cancelled. But, does that business model really work anymore?

The show has had great reviews and DVR numbers are decent, the only issue is the live viewing numbers. Let’s be honest, live viewer numbers are not an accurate reflection anymore. How many people watched the show in a way that the networks couldn’t record them in the live viewer statistics?

Now we are not going to start a debate over the rights and wrongs of illegal or legal streaming / downloading. The point is we bet those live viewer numbers would be more than acceptable if they could record the number of people streaming the show in alternative ways.

Due to this, the show should at least be given a season 2, then the networks can gather more data from DVD/BluRay sales and other merchandise and then decide if the show is worth running or not.

Learn Something

We are not sure about you but every episode we have watched has ended up with us learning something.

We haven’t exactly checked what the historical accuracy is like but we do feel as though we get a good history lesson each week and if anything Timeless season 2 should happen because of that.

Obviously, we do realise that recreating these time periods, in terms of costumes and sets, is expensive and one of the factors that goes against the show, but, you can’t put a price on education.

#Timeless #TimelessSeason2

Unanswered Questions

If the network bosses decide to not renew the show then there are going to be a lot of unanswered questions left and fans will not be pleased about that.

Obviously, there are still some episodes to air but there is no way they can answer all them in the short amount of time they have left. So what will go left unanswered? Lucy’s sister, will they ever get her back? Rittenhouse, what do they have planned for the time machine?

Hopefully, Timeless season 2 will happen and we won’t have any questions left unanswered.

Hidden Easter Eggs

Fans of Supernatural will know exactly who Eric Kripke is and if you are a fan of Supernatural but haven’t watched Timeless then you want to start watching it to see if you can spot the little hidden easter eggs for you.

Kripke has hidden in the show many little easter eggs for his Supernatural fans. The easiest to spots is Wyatt’s murdered wife Jessica, a clear connection to Sam Winchester’s girlfriend Jess in Supernatural.

Who knows what other easter eggs are waiting to be hidden and whether they’re all from Supernatural, but if it is renewed for a second season we can be sure to see more.

It Could Be Another Supernatural

Most people probably won’t remember but Supernatural almost ended after only two seasons.

The show was not fairing too well and talks of cancelling the show were starting to happen. It was thankfully given a chance and is now well into its twelfth season and going strong.

Timeless could fair just as well if it’s given a chance, but it needs to be given its chance.

That’s us for why Timeless Season 2 must happen. What do you think of our reasons? Can you think of any others? Do you think it will be renewed? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to stay up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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