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‘Timeless’ Season 2: Our Thoughts On Jiya

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After a monumental, history-making, rollercoaster of a ride, Timeless is coming back for a Season 2 and while we wait for that day to come let’s take a look at what is in stall for us and most importantly, what is happening with Jiya?

So just a quick reminder for all that during the season 1finale episode we witnessed Jiya, played by Claudia Doumit, having what appeared to be some sort of seizure.

However, while she was having this seizure we watched her view flicker between a present-day Golden Gate Bridge and an under construction Golden Gate Bridge.

We know from the finale that this is most likely a result of her travelling aboard the lifeboat when she shouldn’t have been. The lifeboat is designed for only three people to travel and she acted as a fourth.

What will happen now is a bit of guesswork until we get to season 2, so we are going to have a look at the evidence we have on hand now and put our best theories forward on what could be in store for Jiya in season 2.


The Evidence

We did some digging on what could be on the horizon and after reading many pages of interview transcript we have compiled the following facts we think are key so far.

Shortly after the season finale Shawn Ryan, in an interview with Deadline.com, discussed season 2 plots and twists. When asked on the subject of Jiya he gave the following:

“Jiya has been changed by her trip in the Lifeboat”

“she can see different points in time from the same place”

“how and if she’ll be able to channel this skill in a way that will aid the team is something we’ll explore”

Erik Kripke also gave an interview shortly after the finale to TVLine.com and he also, when the subject of Jiya was raised gave some insight:

“mysterious happening to her”

“she ends up seeing is this flickering between the Golden Gate Bridge present day and then the year when it was being constructed”

“The only mild spoiler that I’ll say about it is one of my all-time favourite books is Slaughterhouse-Five, [which is] about a man who becomes unstuck in time, and that was part of the inspiration for what is starting to happen to Jiya”

From The Evidence

From what we gathered above we can say for sure that:

  1. Jiya being the fourth person in the lifeboat was 100% the cause.
  2. She is definitely seeing the past rather than the future, there were some rumours on whether this was a dystopian future she was witnessing.
  3. SlaughterhouseFive may have some answers.



Naturally after reading the interview that Eric Kripke gave we sought out Slaughterhouse-Five to see what insights it may, or may not, have given to Jiya’s future.

Slaughterhouse-Five was written back in 1969 by author Kurt Vonnegut and is a satirical novel about the life and experiences of Billy Pilgrim.

Billy Pilgrim is a man who has become ‘unstuck in time’ and the novel depicts his experiences during World War II and after. Due to him not being ‘stuck in time’ the novel is not written in an order that you would come to expect. In fact, it jumps through different time periods of his life.

To cut a long story short, Billy is essentially jumping through time and seeing his life, both past and future, in a random order.


Slaughterhouse-Five’ and Jiya

How do they connect then?

Well, that’s still not really that clear if we are honest as it could be multiple things. There was no clear, “that’s it moment” when we had a look at Slaughterhouse-Five. What we have considered is the following.

  1. Jiya will be able to see multiple points in time past, present and future. In the novel, Billy had witnessed his past and future. In fact, he had even seen his own death before it happens to him.
  2. Jiya has no control of what she can see. Like in the book it was a randomised point in time that Billy visited, he had no control.

Our Best Guess

So what do we think is going to happen? Well, before we say anything lets remind everyone that we are speculating and nothing more, we could be either spot on or miles off course but here goes; this is what we think could happen for Jiya in season 2.

The first thing, as we mentioned earlier, is that we do not think it will involve future time travel. Shawn Ryan mentioned that “she can see different points in time from the same place” but that doesn’t necessary mean the future. It could mean being able to view a place during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for example.

Kripke’s reference to the Slaughterhouse-Five novel contains future time travel but that doesn’t mean that Timeless will go down that route.

Being honest future time travel will most likely open up a can of worms. It could easily become a very messy and confusing plot for viewers to follow, which is why we are certain this won’t happen.

The second thing is Jiya will have no control over these new powers, or not at first anyway. She had a seizure the first time. Medically speaking seizures are not exactly something you can control very easily.

We reckon that at first she will have little to no control and the visions will come at random. Maybe during the season, she will learn to control things, just as Ryan’s hinted in his interview, but at first, we don’t believe she will be able to control it.

The third and last point is that Jiya’s powers will be essential to bringing down Rittenhouse. With the ending of season 1 being so revealing of how much control Rittenhouse has, it’s undeniable that our heroes need an ace up their sleeves to get one up over them. Hence, ‘drum roll please’, Jiya’s visions.

We believe it will be key to bringing Rittenhouse down, somehow she will be able to where and what they are doing and how this is changing history as we know it.

That’s It

So that’s it for now everyone. What do you think? Do you agree with us or do you have a different theory of Jiya’s role in season 2?

Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Twitter and keep an eye out on our next piece coming out in which we will discuss Rufus and what we think his involvement in season 2 will be.


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