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Tom Hardy CBeebies Bedtime Stories Return Confirmed

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Tom Hardy has been confirmed to return to CBeebies Bedtime Stories to the delight of children and parents.

Confirmation of Tom Hardy’s return to CBeebies Bedtime Stories was confirmed via Twitter by the show bosses earlier today with the episode scheduled to air on valentines day this year. The leading front man to become the next actor to play James Bond has appeared on the show before and proved to be a massive hit amongst both children and mothers despite playing bad guy roles such as both Kray twins in Legend and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Hardy is expected to read The Cloudspotter, a story by Tom McLaughlin, a story about a little boy named Franklin who spends most of his time watching the clouds and spotting adventures in the sky so as not to feel so lonely. Scruffy the dog then comes along and things then begin to change for Franklin as Scruffy’s antics interfere with his cloud gazing.  The story sends a powerful message about friendship and the power of imagination.

BBC bosses will be hoping Hardy, who will appear alongside his own dog woody in the episode, will be as much of a huge success as he was the last time he appeared on the show which resulted in Twitter users expressing their immediate delight.

Hardy is currently starring in Taboo, another BBC drama, which aired its first episode in January this year. Its next episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, 31st January.

What do you think of Hardy returning to CBeebies Bedtime Stories? Are you looking forward to the valentines day episode? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to stay up to date with all the latest news, opinions and countdowns you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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